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How does being on social media help my dental practice?

Most people these days, before making any important decisions regarding products or services turn to Google or other search engines to find out about its reputation and check reviews other consumers have posted. Dentistry is another such field where your reputation means everything. You could be an excellent dentist but if you do not have an online presence in today’s world then your patient numbers could take a hit.  

A strong patient focused website is what should be at the centre of your online marketing. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc provide dentists with an excellent marketing platform to promote their practices. Social networks these days are an integral part of most of the potential patients and the interesting part is that this phenomenon is no longer restricted to just the younger generation. Social media is interactive, exponential, and its reach is phenomenal. It is an effective way to share information while at the same time enhancing your brand and improving your reputation.

Listed below are some of the reasons why it is important to leverage the immense power of social media as a marketing tool for your dental practise.

  • Higher Visibility: Statistics reveal that Facebook alone has nearly 2 million users worldwide and an average user spends 23% of his time online in social networking. Recent findings reveal that small businesses and professionals gain new clients through social media.
  • Financially Viable: Results can be achieved without burning a hole in your pocket. Most professionals spend only a fraction on social media marketing campaigns as compared to what they would on mainstream advertising and marketing.
  • Testimonial Driven: Social media helps build relationships online. It is a connection. For eg a woman gets whitening treatment done and is very happy about her clean teeth. She goes home, posts a picture of her whitened smile on her Facebook page. Her friends comment on it, and ask where she got it done. That is connection and that is how a referral begins. This is also the great power of a patient’s testimonial.
  • Personalized Connectivity: Dentists can provide relevant, unique and useful nuggets of information to their patients directly without encroaching on their privacy through personal calls. Interesting posts, case studies, useful links and even videos can be uploaded on a dentists’ social media account.
  • Wider reach to your target audience: Social networks allow dentists to reach out to the widest possible number of potential patients and have the potential to achieve the highest results with very little effort. The incredible power of social networking is that your followers or friends or fans have their own set of fans and followers too.
  • Professional Clout: One of the most understated advantages of social media marketing for dentists is that they can enhance their professional clout. Apart from reaching out to potential patients, a dentist can also connect with others from the same profession. Social media networking can also promote connections for a dentist, leading to conference invites, speaking opportunities, getting sponsors for community events and even enhancing knowledge regarding the latest developments in the dental field. 

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Author Bio:

Author: Anuja Lath

Anuja Lath is the COO of RedAlkemi and has 21 years of experience in designing and promoting website on the Internet. She has dealt with and helped CEOs of thousands of companies in her online career spanning over two decades. Anuja has won several awards, has been actively covered in leading media channels. She now helps dental practices leverage new patients through Google and other online channels. Anuja is also a hobbyist weekend potter. Read more about Anuja here
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