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How to Create High Impact Infographics on Social Media

infographicsIn today's social media stream, you find infographics everywhere! It is so because an infographic acts as an effective learning tool for any subject by simplifying complex facts visually. Infographic marketing therefore can help your business in multiple ways such as improve its Google ranking, boost engagement and enhance its brand recognition on Social Media.

So here are a few tips to create an effective and eye catching infographic that will stand out to never go unnoticed by your target audience:

  • The purpose of your infographic should be clear; think about - What do you want it to convey? To whom? Is the topic a serious one or funny?
  • Your message should be bold and obvious so that it easily catches the reader’s eye. For instance, stating unique facts on any subject is a very popular tact on social media.
  • It should be visual pleasing with the use of a combination of words and pictures in an art form. Only pictures or only words in an infographic may not appeal effectively.
  • Highlight the most important points in a creative font to draw attention to them to further convey their importance.
  • Don't use too many images and designs or backgrounds with too much color; that will clutter your infographic data thus making it less appealing to the eyes and hard to understand.
  • You can use shapes or images in place of letters or words to explain meaning.
  • If your topic is broad, break it into smaller steps that can be easily understood by the readers.
  • Keep your text minimal so that people don't get bored with excessive readable information.
  • The infographic must entice the readers so that they stop scrolling and pay adequate attention to what you have to say.
  • Make sure your message gives away some interesting information that will not be easily forgotten.
  • An interesting, unique and clever infographic has the potential to go viral within only a few hours!
  • The final step is to ask people to share the infographic to their social networks.

Following these suggestions will surely help you create high impact infographics that will grab the attention of the masses, and by means of internet and social networking your message will be delivered to the world.

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