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How to Effectively Use #Hashtag for Brand Awareness and Promotion

Last week, I talked about the Journey of #Hashtag, from a sign used as pound to Social Media Channels.

I also mentioned that #Hashtag is a powerful tool to attain following objectives:

  • Brand Awareness and Promotions
  • Service and Product Promotions
  • Community Building and Engagement
  • Leads Generation and Sales
  • Reputation Management

This week I will talk about:

How to Effectively Use #Hashtag for Brand Awareness and Promotion on Social Media Platform


Create a #Hashtag which is unique, reflects your brand and helps to meet the goals of your brand. Unique #Hashtags can be created by shortening your company name, tag line or product name, since those are easily shareable, short and easy to remember.

Use the #Hashtags frequently on Social media Channels and tie the #Hashtags to promotional events and let your audience follow it. Get your audience used to it so that your brand gets marketed well on Social Media Channels.

Start a chat conversation; ask questions to your audience on platforms such as Twitter with a unique #Hashtag and let the audience answer back using the #Hashtag, this in turn boosts Brand Awareness on Social Media. When running promotional events your brand should create a unique #Hashtag and it should be followed on all other Social Media Channels equally. Ask questions, tell your audiences to share your Hashtag, tell them to follow your #Hashtag on all Social Media Channels for updates. When your audience follows your Hashtag, it promotes your brand to a great extent.

Next week, I will talk about how a simple #Hashtag helps in Reputation Management

To be continued….

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