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Humanizing Brands for Better Online Engagement

humanizing-brandsThere is nothing denying the fact that a great part of the profit share for any business nowadays is drawn by means of social media marketing (SMM). This obviates the need to effectively execute each SMM campaign. The main challenge that you’ll encounter here is to draw the attention of your target audience. So here is the secret for assured online engagement: humanizing your brand!

Humanizing a Brand - What it Means?

It simply means to present your brand not as a ‘thing’ but as something that will appeal to the human instinct; it is what helps establish a one-on-one connection with people, which works in favor of your business. If a brand has in it to be able to stir the human emotion, it has been successfully humanized.

It’s All About the Wordplay!

To set that connection with the audience, it is important to reach out in an interactive way.

You will first need to study your target group thoroughly to understand the kind of interaction they indulge in; for instance, you will know whether the opted communication is formal or informal, individualistic or driven by an ideology that comes with belonging to a social group and so on.

Next comes the most important bit - phrasing every statement carefully to serve the type of communication, as discovered in the study. With core content marketing the need to choose the right words is obvious but even when advertising through images, short phrases and catchy lines are a must to support them. This means that smart use of words is even more important in case of images.

Considerable Factors in Wordplay

So you know how the wordplay works. But wait, you need to take two important factors into consideration to bring your best game on with wordplay. They are:

  • Never over-corporate your brand:

A non-professional advertisement is always designed keeping in mind the aim to connect with people at a human level. Don’t make it purely professional! Yes, the ad is meant to serve a corporate purpose but for the idea to click on an individual dealing in that profession, it should be able to move him at a personal level. So now you know what to do; keep away from making your brand a corporate robot!

  • Sticking with Your True Personality

In an effort to cater to the human element for your targeted professionals, you must not present yourself as something/someone else. It is the art of presentation that you will need to learn. This will allow you to present your advertisement in a way that it appeals to the human emotion without compromising with its authentic image. Yes, it is a little tricky to serve both these purposes together but it is very much possible! Take a look at the bright side; keeping it real will help you win customer loyalty and trust in the long run, something that every business craves for.

So this is all on humanizing your brand; go ahead and make the most of it to reap maximum benefits through social media marketing.

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