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Impact of Internet and Social Media on Women Empowerment in India

1.2 billion People live in India, with around 50% of women population. With time, the status of women here has improved with respect to equal rights, thanks to the efforts of many reformers through the century. In this modern era, women in India have held high offices, including the positions of The President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Top Management Positions, as an Entrepreneur etc. India as a nation is moving forward with great success, and can’t afford to ignore women empowerment.

Today, technology directly impacts women’s development and has enabled their voice to reach out and be viewed globally.

In a recent report published by Goggle, it is clear that Internet is empowering Indian women with easy access to information and helping them to make more informed decisions in their day-to-day life.

According to a report released in June 2013, titled “Women and Web Study”, out of total 150 million Internet users in India, more than 60 million women use Internet to manage their day to day life.

Furthermore, the smart phone affordability has further allowed women an easy access to Internet and Social Media.

2 cases where Social Media and Internet Impact was seen for Women Empowerment:


Within 10 days of the 16th Dec Delhi gang rape incident, Facebook group ‘Delhi for Women’s Safety’ created on December 18, 2012 received 174,430 ‘Likes’. Many other Facebook Groups were also created such as Delhi Gang Rape – Protest’, ‘Another girl gang raped in Delhi – Can we stop it?’ came forward to fight such crimes against women in India. Such Groups on social media acted as platforms for empowering women and justice and to allow everyone to share their voice not only in India, but also at a global level.

Social Media has become so powerful today that in the face of such incidents social media becomes the voice of people. Everyone starts sharing, tweeting, #hashtaging their views, rage and demand for justice on social media; in order to do so they often even change their profile pictures with campaign picture to show their absolute support, as in the Delhi Gang Rape case, a simple black dot with a white background was seen as a profile picture throughout social media and also on Whatsapp.

This Incident got so much social media attention, that Government of India was forced to take strict actions against the culprits, passing a more powerful law to prevent such incident in future.


Jaipur Rugs Foundation is supporting the prevalence of equality, justice and peace through social-economic development opportunities for all women, giving them the power to earn and raise themselves and their families. They have a program that aids women in fields like entrepreneurship development, and skills development; the aim is to help women get educated and learn beyond it to stand at par with men. Internet helps such foundations to reach out at a global scale. Earlier, such foundations often existed with the masses having only limited knowledge about them. Today, however, these are supported by people from different parts of the globe, both in monetary and non-monetary forms. Social media sites such as Facebook, where foundation such as Jaipur rugs foundation have a page, share such stories to help garner maximum attention towards such noble efforts, to help build awareness on a global scale and getting help even beyond the national boundaries, from wherever people are willing to volunteer to help the needy.

Internet coming together with Social Media has branched out as a new form of media, one that has expanded dramatically over the past decade in India. Today, there are websites that focus on women empowerment, covering diverse spheres such as health, knowledge, lifestyle, education and more. With such power of Social Media, today it is easily possible to find any information related to women empowerment. When any incident happens, social media becomes a faster media that helps people from round the world to participate and show their concern and sympathy towards such incidents. Governments across the world had to take action against such incidents when everywhere people condemned such happenings. Awareness and outburst such as this could only occur with the existence of both Internet and Social Media. Women are now also getting more knowledge about their rights and powers that every woman in a society holds, with equal rights as men in every respect. All these positive changes are now triggered to only increase their pace with time, all Thanks to Internet and Social Media!


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