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Impact of Social Media in India

social-media-indiaSocial Media in today’s setting impacts the lives of millions around the globe, be it an individual, a student, a businessman, an organization, an actor or a politician. We use communication at different levels, throughout our lives, to stay in the social loop. Today, in India, a population of more than 243 million has internet access and social media channels have come to cross the 100 million mark with over 100 million users on Facebook; with a generous 33 million plus users, Twitter falls next in queue followed by LinkedIn with over 26 million users.

 As quoted by Rajan Anandan, MD, Google India -

“India will become larger than the US in terms of number of Internet users by the end of 2014”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Social Media:

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been used extensively in India over the past 2 years. Amongst those benefiting from these services are not only the big brands but also the budding smaller brands that are still in their initial phase of developing as a business. Social Media Channels play a pivotal role in bringing about the successful interaction between the customer and the brand to the extent where customers have started to post or tweet their queries, complaints etc. on social media pages. In India, Social CRM has become a part of Marketing, where marketers work towards creating brand awareness and community building with the customers directly.

 Here are the two cases, which throw light on the impact of social media in India.

Awareness Campaign using Social Media:

In 2012, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi was the first politician to become active on social media. Mr. Modi held a Google Hangout on August 30th with general Public to answer various questions relating to his state agenda and #ModiHangout became a Top Trending Topic in India.

Later in 2014, Mr. Modi started a campaign on Twitter with hashtag #SelfiewithModi, where he directed users to click a selfie showing their index finger with the marked Ink as a symbol of having executed their voting right in the elections; a total of 56 million election-related tweets were posted between Jan. 1 and May, 12 2014.

Brand Promotion using Social Media:

#RichBreak Campaign was initiated by Nestle India in association with flipkart; the Contest began on 4th August 2014, from 10 am- 6 pm on twitter to create an awareness among the users. The users had to simply follow Kitkat India and answer the simple question tweeted by Nestle India using #RichBreak hashtag. Some great prizes accompanied this campaign. In this way, the company successfully promoted its brand on twitter on a large scale, that too in a very short period of time.

With the rapid increase in the number of Internet users in India, the scope of Social Media and hence Social Media Marketing has widened over the past few years. Companies like Google, facebook etc. have been seen investing in India over the past 2 years to boost the Internet as well as Social Media and there has been an accelerated boom in terms of new users. Social Media is not only helping organizations promote their brands but also helping their respective customers to interact with them directly and share their experiences with products/services. Social media is hence giving a decision making power to the customers thereby increasing the competition in the existing market segments.

In the end, it is all in the hands of the marketers (Owners or Social Media Agencies) to strategize and engage the users using competitive edge, out of the box strategies and not ignoring the social media users.

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