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Maximize Your Revenue by Selling Text Links

Generate revenue from your web pages quickly and easily. You may sell text links on relevant web pages; and maximize the revenue generated by your web site. Decide the rates that you will charge per text link per month and how many text links you will offer on each page. You can monetize all of your web pages by selling text links on it and thus drive traffic to your website.

Text Links mean a Return on Your Investment

It is possible to outrank a competitor who might have more links just by buying a few very powerful relevant links. However, it may take weeks for search engines to see any new links that you might have purchased. It can also take months before those links improve your search engine rankings. Google takes a good amount of time to find and recalculate all web pages and links that appear on the Internet. Rank changes may happen daily but they are usually a result of updates made months ago. Therefore, you need to plan and budget, to keep your links up for at least 90 days. Any time shorter would not be sufficient to accurately gauge Return on Investment.

Factors to Keep in mind When Selling Text Links

Filter the type of text links that appear on your web pages. Put relevant text links under relevant categories on relevant web pages. Links on relevant sites are more powerful and should be the primary focus of your link building selling/buying efforts. Another important point to keep in mind while selling text links is that you should not overuse any particular keyword. It looks unnatural if you are buying thousands of links and all of your links have the same anchor text. The anchor text, also known as link text, is the text used in the link pointing to your site. This text should be one of your primary keywords for the page that you are linking too. For example, if you are linking to your homepage, which is optimized for the keyword "Mortgages", you will want to use that keyword in the links pointing to that page. The search engines look at the link text of your incoming links to help determine what your site is about. Optimizing the anchor text of your links can have a huge effect on your rankings.

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