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Interaction is an important part of human nature. We need to communicate with one another in order to express views, discuss topics and exchange information. Conversations can be either general or controversial. We can hope that some general topics can come to an end but controversial topics sometimes result in heated arguments. There are some common topics that we generally love to participate in. Most of the people generally prefer talking about following topics in order to keep themselves busy: One of the usual topic for discussion for instance is “Politics”. Whatever the place or timing be, everyone is interested to criticize the preeminent Government plans. The discussion goes endless with party favorites speaking against each other's favorite party. Another major topic which everyone loves to groove about is “Cricket”. “Why did Dhoni opt for batting first”, “Selection team is unjust in choosing players”, “Sachin is old enough to play shots” etc. are some of the common conversations seeded by cricket lovers. General masses have another interesting topic to discuss about i.e. “Family”- their kids,parents, siblings etc. Some entertaining topics can include interactions on hobbies, favorite film stars,occupation etc. Hence, to conclude, always start discussions on something that's common to talk about rather than interesting or exciting. Pick up the topics from your everyday life because they are the ones that will hook up every individual ideas to you. What do you think??????

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