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Online Dental Industry Trends

Just like any other industry, Healthcare too is undergoing constant change and improvement. Dentistry is no exception to the rule. The dental industry is rapidly becoming digitalized and for retaining as well as luring more patients it is important to stay on the top.
Here are some latest dental industry trends that need to be kept in mind for eradicating competition and staying ahead:

Mobile-friendly Website
With mobiles & tablets becoming primary computing devices these days, it has become almost mandatory to have a good mobile-friendly website. Visitors search on their mobiles for any kind of services they want and if your website takes more than 3-5 seconds to load, you could risk losing a customer. Hence it is imperative to overhaul your online dental website in order to engage a customer and take the lead!

Quality Content
The content on the website should be engaging and adhere to the important aspects of dental treatments and list of services you offer in order to convert the visitor into a customer. In today’s fast paced life, people do not have time to read lengthy content, so it is important to post short, crisp and interesting content which immediately grips the reader. It is also necessary to incorporate keywords in the content for the purpose of SEO.

Social Media Presence
With increasing digitalization, social media presence has become an integral part of almost every business. For the dental industry, this is a great platform for building a patient community. Posting interesting and valuable content on your dental website and sharing on social media platforms will help you gain more patients. Sharing good quality other dentist blogs also helps in building trust among patients. It is advisable to have a Facebook page for your business, a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account to enhance and strengthen your business.

Video Focused Content
Posting some general videos describing oral hygiene or dental surgery is another good way to engage traffic on your Website. This will help increase your ranking on search engines as well as build the trust of visitors. You can also add generalized tutorials and blogs pertaining to the dental industry to encourage more traffic to your site.

Link Building
This is another trend that is growing at a rapid pace in the healthcare industry. Building links give your dental practice better visibility on social media. Ensure that your business is listed on industry directories and local directories. Post Classifieds so that your presence is noticed in the market.

Website Optimization
The latest trend that has emerged in dental industry is dental website SEO. Many dentists have started getting their websites optimized by dental marketing agencies in order to make a better presence on social media. Optimization helps to rank your website better on Google, increasing your business’ online visibility.You need not be an SEO Expert to get a better rank on search engines, just follow the above-mentioned steps!

You need not be an SEO Expert to get a better rank on search engines, just follow the above-mentioned steps!If you still have any doubts on how to make your website rank better, then hire us as we offer

If you still have any doubts on how to make your website rank better, then hire us as we offer SEO services and marketing for dentists!


Author: Cherry Katoch
Cherry manages social media projects at RedAlkemi. She is thorough and likes to drill down to the nuances of every task she undertakes.
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