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Role of Karuna Rasa in Advertising

Karuna Rasa (Pathetic) BHAVA: Shoka MEANING: Sorrow COLOUR: Grey

Karuna represents grief and compassion. The feelings of unspeakable tragedy and despair, hopelessness and heartbreak, the sorrow caused by parting with a lover, the pain caused by the death of a loved one are all Karuna. The original Sanskrit word Karuna means "Sadness". This more popular meaning of the Karuna Rasa finds expression in many forms of art, literature, and theatre in India.

Karuna can seem hard, but this powerful, emotional advertising can be one of the most effective ways to spread a message across the audience. Consumer psychology prefers to highlight happiness these days, but sadness is still a deep, powerful force that skilled advertisers can use. To represent Karuna in advertising, one must first understand that sadness may come but goes just as well. In Advertising, sadness may come when the subject feels neglected and tries to produce pity in consumers. In Social or Nonprofit Advertising, Karuna is one of the longest-lasting and most appealing emotions; it creates an emotional link with the organization or brand.

An advertiser can effectively create sadness through advertising in the following two ways:

  • As a way to provoke empathy.
  • As something to be invoked then resolved.

Here are some Ad posters that are based on Karuna Rasa:

Karuna Rasa 1         Karuna Rasa 2

The depth of compassion is beautifully expressed in the Subject of both of the above-stated ads.

These days, Karuna acts as a powerful storytelling emotion in Advertising. In marketing terms, this means that advertisers have a sort of permission to use Karuna in a way they wouldn’t be able to use anger or fear.

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