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Search Engine Friendliness Analysis

Search engines are limited in how they crawl the web and interpret the content of a website. A web page doesn't always look the same to you, as it looks to a search engine.

After Website Analysis by our experts, Search Engine Friendliness of the website is checked. This Analysis is an important step because if the site does not search engine index friendly, no amount of SEO efforts will yield any positive results.

The layout, structure, and content on each page of your website have many potential areas that, if not handled correctly, can end up equating big problems with the search engines.

Amongst other aspects, our expert team evaluates the following –

  • Robots.txt for its accuracy
  • Robots meta tags validity
  • Session IDs (not search engine friendly URLs)
  • iframes check
  • Flash check
  • Ajax check
  • Text in image check
  • Website intra-linking check
  • Embedded Java Scripts (not search engine friendly)
  • Embedded CSS (not search engine friendly)
  • Meta refresh tags (not search engine friendly)
  • 301 / 302 redirects
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden texts
  • Customized 404 page
  • Sitemap depth
  • Google XML sitemap
  • Google supplemental index check
  • Main domain "www" check / Canonicals check
  • Subdomains check (if any exist)
  • Links in drop-downs (not search engine friendly)

RedAlkemi provides in-depth website evaluation and analysis and offers practical solutions on how to improve rankings on the major search engines, particularly Google.

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