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SEO Level Check

Due to the continuous updates in the Google’s ranking algorithm, website ranking in Google often fluctuates - day to day and week to week. Even, a page on your site might rank in different positions for the same keyword. Fluctuations within a day are normally just a position or two (up or down), but over the course of a month, your rankings for a single keyword could change a lot. Therefore, it is important to check the current level of SEO on your website.

Once we have done the initial website analysis, we carry out the evaluation of the current level of Search Engine Optimization already done on the website. This process evaluates all the flaws and creates a report for further analysis.

In particular, we evaluate the following –

  • Title Tag analysis
  • Meta tags analysis
  • Robots tag check
  • Image name & Alt Text optimization
  • Image Title Attributes optimization
  • Anchor text / Anchor Title Attributes optimization
  • HTML markups (H1-H5, Body text, Strong, Italics, Underline, List Items, CSS)
  • Keywords optimization in text and other elements of the page
  • Filename format check/keywords used in filenames
  • XML Sitemap check

After reviewing all of the items above, Keyword Research is performed by our experts.

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