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SEO Tools - The Indispensable Part of SEO

The process of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves very well executed and systematic analysis. Siteopsys is a product that offers over 20 proficient automated tools classified into 7 categories that help an Analyst, SEO Consultant, Webmaster, Website Developer, and/or a Website Owner to analyze a particular website for various SEO and website parameters. Following are the major aspects that are evaluated in the analysis course: •    Website Evaluation                                                             Evaluation of website parameters like content, sitemaps, server response, etc., which help in knowing the intricate details, that ultimately help in the optimization process •    SEO Evaluation Evaluation of webpage / website parameters that are directly related to optimization, like – search engine rankings, indexed pages, HTML Markup, Meta Tags, etc. •    Link Evaluation Evaluation of links’ parameters to know what kind of links exist (in terms of both quality and quantity); and gauging what kind of efforts are required in the next stage •    Keyword Analysis Analysis involves evaluation of various parameters of keywords, including choosing the ones that have greatest tendency to bring out maximum ROI (Return On Investment) •    Competition Evaluation Evaluation of direct industry competition online as well as indirect competition – competitors implementing marketing campaigns targeting similar audience as that of the industry segment, for which the marketing process is being executed •    System Administration System administration analysis involves checking of parameters that help ascertain current position of an online business / product / website. This information includes evaluation of factors, which ultimately help a website administrator to maximize the output. •    Data Mining Extraction of relevant information / data that can directly or indirectly assist in online marketing analysis and execution
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