Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for, Iceland is a fully licensed travel agency in Iceland as well as tour operators authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board. They carry over 40 years of experience and specialize in incoming tourism. Besides providing a variety of activities, tours and adventures, they also offer special custom-made tours.

One would think that a beautiful place like Iceland wouldn’t need much marketing, but the truth is, there is a lot about Iceland that people on the online space don’t know. There are several different kinds of tours, hikes and adventures – all of which are not well known to the common masses or potential Iceland-goers. This was one of the biggest problems faced by There was a lack of awareness about the different activities in Iceland and it required targeted marketing. Their online platforms were not managed well and resulted in low traffic to their social media handles.

RedAlkemi put together a full-fledged social media marketing strategy for which not only focused on the adventures and activities offered by them, but also on increasing awareness about Iceland itself. Not only did we focus on the various services, but also on Icelandic facts, accommodation, wildlife and nature – a perfect mixture of information, just enough to lure more tourists and travellers to explore this beautiful country. 

Sure enough, our social media marketing efforts helped bring in a great amount of traffic to their online platforms. We’re proud to show you the results!

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