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A summation of Other Emotions (Rasas)

In the previous weeks we have discussed the rasas that are largely prevalent in the field of advertising. In this article let us sum up the remaining emotions; they may not be as frequently used but still hold great meaning as the knowledge of the same helps us, as advertisers, know our audience better.

Raudra (Terrible):rudra

The Raudra Rasa depicts anger and is probably the most violent amongst all rasas. Raudra, in Advertising Rudra rasa, is very impactful and useful but are hard to watch. Its role is to convince people to different things while showing them what could happen in harsh reality if they do not listen to good advices.

In advertising Rudra can be used in several ways. Advertisers will do things like: over-use the harshest of colors (ultra-white) to its max; they will over do it with brightness, over do it with ultra fast animations and motion; ask for height waivers so they can be seen from blocks and miles away.

Bhayanaka (Fearful):

The Bhayanaka Rasa depicts fear and worries. Bhayanaka is a feeling evoked while facing something that is more powerful than oneself; it’s a feeling of being helpless. The most powerful form of Bhayanaka rasa that every advertiser wants to use in advertising is the fear of death.

A fear appeal in advertising is a message that is designed to scare the intended audience by describing a serious threat. The advertising tactic is to motivate the intended audience to engage or not engage in certain behavior based upon a fear.

Bibhatsa (Odious):bibhatsa

Bibhatsa is disgust. There is not much to describe in this rasa, except to say that it is created when things like vomit, bad odor are properly depicted. A good advertiser can communicate this area easily and a bad one might create it inadvertently.

Here is an example of Disgusting advertising, featuring  “toxic fat”, which will be served up to people in the state of Victoria, Australia, starting this week. There’s nothing subtle about this advertising. The call to action is simple: “eating less and moving more every day.

Shanta (Peaceful):

Shanta stands for serenity and peace.  It represents the state of unperturbed repose. Shanta presents a state where a complete harmony between the mind, body and the universe is attained and this state is regarded as the key to eternity.

Most people try to avoid feeling anxious. To relieve anxiety, a person wants a peaceful environment. Advertisements in this category can appeal to consumers' desire for relaxation and personal reward, promising that their stress and worry will melt away if they make a purchase or use a service.

Adbhuta (Wondrous):other-emotions

Adbhuta is wonder and curiosity. The awe that one feels when one comes across something divine and supernatural, some power or beauty that is remarkable and never seen or imagined before is Adbhuta. Adbhuta is the curiosity of man regarding the creation of the world and all its wonders.

Adbhuta rasa in Advertising is about the sentiment of wonderment and surprise. All creativity in Advertising is about creating this feeling of wonder because all great ideas attempt to make unusual connections between two seemingly disparate things to gain viewer attention and be memorable in their minds. Nothing creates this ideal scenario better than doing something that either shocks or awes the consumer.

Rasas in Advertising aim at influencing the way consumers view themselves and how buying certain products can prove to be beneficial for them. The message conveyed through Rasas influences the purchasing decisions of consumers.

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