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The Importance of Graphics on Social Media

social-media-graphics-importanceGraphics are an art form that enhances visual communication. Although there are so many ways of conveying your message on social media channels, a graphic representation will always enhance your message artistically. Graphics improve the quality of content, making it more appealing, interesting and thought provoking.

A Picture holds more weight than the text

A graphic post is more likely to grab attention as against a textual post, enabling a quicker “call to action” by the viewer. A viewer is more likely to remember your logo or image, as against your textual content. In the few seconds that you get to make an impression on someone, a well-executed graphic post can hold reader's attention for a much longer time. Graphics on social media help retain a viewer’s attention longer, and if your graphics are really good and meaningful, chances are, your viewers will be back for more!

Graphics rule Social Media

Graphics have a huge impact on user behavior. A good graphic guides a user’s eye through all its elements, to then finally rest upon the “call to action” trigger you’ve designed. Images, color and layout are all factors that control how a user perceives and reacts to a graphic. A graphic with high visual appeal, automatically increases the chances of it being liked, commented upon or shared by its users.

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