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The Secrets of Facebook

Facebook is a free networking site where users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. Many online marketers are looking to Facebook to drive traffic to their websites.

According to Facebook's website: "Facebook is a social utility that helps people better understand the world around them. Facebook develops technologies that facilitate the spread of information through social networks allowing people to share information online the same way they do in the real world."

Facebook: What makes it different from other networking sites Facebook prominently features applications as part of its product experience. These applications can be applied to any Facebook user's profile. The applications are applied universally. Whenever a Facebook user logs into his/her Facebook account they will be greeted with the same applications, regardless of which computer they are using. It is very clean and has started becoming a breeding ground for like-minded people. Many Business Professionals look into Facebook as far as a Networking Tool for current, past and future clients.

Tips to get started with Facebook

  • Profile Creation: The main reason to create your profile is to be engaged with the targeted audience who can rely on you and thus, turn into your customers.
  • Register your account: Registering your account is easy. You have to simply fill in your details and wait for a confirmation email.
  • Confirmation email: After receiving the confirmation mail, click on the link given to activate your account.
  • Edit your profile details.
  • Basic: Fill in your details with full sincerity. The information filled should not look fake. You can always edit or change the information afterward
  • Contact: This is your first approach to "soft-sell". You can include your company's name, URL and other contact details
  • Personal: People will make friends with you only if they know you, So, be true while updating your information on Facebook
  • Work: Fill up the details of your job profile to show your commitment and dedication to your company (product)
  • Image: Upload an attractive photo for your profile picture. This photo is the image you project to the Facebook
  • Find Friends: You can choose selective friends based on demographics, interests, job etc.
  • Notes: Use notes to synergize your presence Creating a complete and compelling Personal Profile will greatly enhance your Facebook marketing efforts.

Privacy Settings: Facebook provides a stable and private environment. It allows the user to put a limit on the information they share on Facebook.

News-Feeds: Facebook's feed allows you to see your friend's updates and keep you informed. Moreover, Status Updates allows you to share your updates with only people you trust.

Near Unlimited Photo Storage: Facebook allows near unlimited photo storage on its site. Facebook allows people to "tag" photos.

Facebook Marketplace: In Facebook, you leverage privacy and perhaps, more importantly, benefit from targeted listings. Articles are posted on networks, so it makes them easier to find and more relevant.

Join and create Groups based on relevancy: Browse some of the groups on Facebook, there are some relevant ones that apply directly to you or your business. You can integrate groups by your interests or your network.

Here are a few tips for starting your own Facebook Group:

  • Know Your Goals - Before you create your group decide on what your goals are. This might include building brand awareness, improving customer relations, and finding new customers. Make sure to keep your goals flexible because over time your group will evolve based on the interests of its members.
  • Name Your Group - Choose a relevant name for your group. It has to be related to your product that you are promoting. People should see latest news and articles based on that product.
  • Build Your Friends Network - You should send a friend request to targeted audience i.e. One who would be interested in buying your products.
  • Join Related Groups - One of the best ways to increase the size of your Facebook group is to join and participate in other groups that are relevant to your product and invite members of that group to come and join your group as well. Make sure you continue to participate in these groups and avoid spamming unrelated groups.
  • Make smart conversations - Be active in your group. Keep it updated with relevant news, links, and discussions. Read the reviews given by the members of the group and send them personal messages.
  • Keep your Group Informed - People love hearing things first, so any new information you have about your company, your product, or your industry will make a great topic of discussion. A Facebook group is a great way to promote your products and services with a two-way conversation without sounding like too much of a salesman.

Reasons for getting banned on Facebook:

  • Fake Name: Do not try to use the unreal name for your Facebook profile. It would never accept it.
  • You joined many groups: Facebook limits the number of groups that you can join to 200. Joining more groups would be considered an act of spamming.
  • Posting many messages on a wall or group: Posting similar content on your friend's wall and groups would be considered a spam act and your profile can be banned.
  • Sent many friend requests: Facebook does not allow sending or even accepting more friends in your profile. It allows you to befriend a maximum of 5000 friends.
  • Redundant text in many messages: Sending same posts to your friends, be it a general welcome note or thanks would make you look "spammer" in the eyes of the Facebook police. So, try to avoid it.
  • Poking many people: People do not like getting poked and they can even block you from their friend's list.

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