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Top 6 things to do on Google to rank your Dental website higher!

More and more doctors, whether they are surgeons, cardiologists, skin specialists, dentists, pediatricians, and other medicos are increasingly using online platforms or making their websites to build up their clientele or grow their businesses. Most of them use the omnipresent Google to make their presence felt in the digital arena. Even after having a dental website, you aren’t convinced as it is not ranking higher in Google search or perhaps it didn’t meet your expectations. While it is important to have a tech-savvy website, it is also imperative that it should further your sales, generate traffic to your dental website and increase your customer engagement. In order to make your site stand apart from the crowd, here are five topmost techniques you need to know on Google to make your dental website rank higher. -

In order to make your site stand apart from the crowd, here are five topmost techniques you need to know on Google to make your dental website rank higher. -

  1. First Impression is the Last Impression
    An old maxim, yet it holds a lot of significance in this digitized era. The first visual or interface of your dental website on Google must make an everlasting impression on the client who is looking to be serviced by you. Not to forget that it’s extremely vital for your customers to know what kind of dental services you would be able to offer. For instance, you are a dental surgeon specializing in root canal treatments. You need to ensure that the pages on your dental website are targeted for specific audience looking for specific issue. Each page dedicated to a particular service, such as, a simple tooth ache, bleeding gums or putting braces could help you make successful conversions from potential users.  

  2. No more PC, it’s all in your hands
    It has been seen that increasing number of people these days are using smart phones and other hand-held devices and probably your dental website isn’t getting noticed as much as you would like it to. While you have a very tech savvy website to boast of, after spending a hefty amount on building one, still you aren’t happy. The idea here is to make your current dental website more “mobile friendly”, so that your potential clients can access in on the go. Re-build, adapt or tweak your dental website in tune with the fast paced technology that is in the hands of the current digital natives and not on the PCs, desk tops or laptops. Websites that aren’t smart phone, mobile or tablet –friendly will not attract better visibility on Google. Besides, with recent Google updates, they are now preferring “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (or AMP) to rank higher in search engines. They have also implemented their “Mobile-first Indexing” algorithm to give priority to the mobile optimized responsive websites. Make sure your website is not losing the race because of these two Google algorithms.

  3. Make it Quick

    Maybe your dental website doesn’t open as quickly as the user wants it. Remember people have become very impatient in this instant-information age. Your dental website should be there in front of them within seconds, at the most in 3-5 seconds or you have lost a chance to convert a prospective lead. Upgrade or modify this dental website to make it more responsive on smart hand-held devices. A quick tip is to follow your own website on your smart phone, if it’s taking too long, just get it updated to a mobile- friendly mode and see the results!

  4. Google it away
    Obviously, Google is the most trustworthy and dependable search engine that can make your dental website rank higher in terms of digital visibility. It offers a plethora of free tools on online marketing that will help you generate more clients. Another way is to take help from the Google’s new algorithms of 2017, which would provide support for your dental website’s search visibility. Google ensures that it adapts to the fast-paced world. Recently, it launched Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP), as mentioned above, especially for dental websites. Google AMP Cache is dedicated to a quick and flawless download of information of your dental services at lightning speed.

  5. Go Local

    Dental services is focused on local business. You would rarely get patients beyond your 10-mile radius. It is unlikely that patients from neighboring states visit your dental clinic for treatment. New patients often search with keywords “Dentists + Your City” keywords. Google understands this. Google has setup a procedure for listing your business in “Google My Business” to promote local listings. The now popular “Zero Rank” or “Google 3-Pack” listings on top of Google search engine result pages are from this source. Setup & verify your business on “Google My Business” and also claim your business on “Google My Places” on Google Maps for added listing advantages and increased business from new patients.

  6. Social Networking helps
    Making your dental practice more viable to a digital population is something dentists can’t ignore anymore. Social sites invariably help in making your presence felt with the right kind of audience. Using Google+, Google’s social site would benefit you to generate traffic to your dental website and simultaneously increasing your visibility in the networks’ integrated search clicks. For example, by using “Circles”, a feature on Google+, you could form groups that are your contacts. Make your profile, and then possibly add your patients, obviously not without their consent. You could also add a “blog” to your dental website. It would enable your patients to differentiate your practice from someone down the street and to share in-depth information about new cutting-edge products, services, and specific treatments you offer.

As you can see, to achieve a higher ranking in the Google online search, you need to ward off the stiff competition in your dentistry field by making your dental website mobile friendly to prospective visitors on the quick smart devices. It certainly helps to have a consistent social networking plan too.

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Author Bio:

Author: Anuja Lath

Anuja Lath is the COO of RedAlkemi and has 21 years of experience in designing and promoting website on the Internet. She has dealt with and helped CEOs of thousands of companies in her online career spanning over two decades. Anuja has won several awards, has been actively covered in leading media channels. She now helps dental practices leverage new patients through Google and other online channels. Anuja is also a hobbyist weekend potter. Read more about Anuja here


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