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What is BlogCatalog

BlogCatalog : Meaning BlogCatalog is one of the largest blog directories available on the Internet. BlogCatalog allows you to search blogs, connect with bloggers, learn more about blogging and tips to promote blog for oneself. Basics of BlogCatalog

  • Introduction to BlogCatalog - BlogCatalog's diverse community comprises of 200,000 blogging members from all over the world who are focused on making friends and promoting their blogs to increase traffic to their sites.
  • Guidelines for forum postings - There are strict rules that one must follow while posting in the forums. The rules prohibit dropping links or exchanging links within the threads and would be reported and deleted.
  • Blog Rank - It analyzes your blog hits, views and comments to create your score on a 100 point scale. The blog rank will determine the order of your blog appearance in directory and search results. The higher your score, the better will be your blog's placement.
  • Networking - BlogCatalog offers excellent networking facilities and useful features on profile pages and dashboards that aid effective networking. It will help you to locate bloggers that share similar interests with you.

Traffic Details for BlogCatalog Why BlogCatalog If you want to generate traffic to your blog and meet other bloggers, then you can surely count on BlogCatalog. BlogCatalog helps you to carry good discussions in various groups with a large amount of people. The following three components make it better than others - Discussions - Read blogs which are similar to your interests. Comment on those blog posts, post some questions, participate in the ongoing discussions. Feel free to ask questions and reply back to the answers received. Groups - Browse some of the groups on BlogCatalog, there are some relevant ones that apply directly to you or your business. You can integrate groups by your interests or your network. Friends - An important factor that would help you in building your network is your friends. They are the ones who would visit your site and give you feedback or response related to your queries. Choose the ones with whom you can connect your product. Key Features of BlogCatalog

  • BlogCatalog does not only help drive traffic to your site but drives readers to your blogs. It does not focus on huge number of traffic to your blog but aims at assisting members to increase readers.
  • If your main focus is on promoting your blog, then do not waste your time in indulging in forums because it will not be enough for you to just socialize to promote your blog. Generally people on BlogCatalog do not post to the forums and use far more effective tools to promote their blogs.
  • If there are ongoing discussions in the forums that relate to your blog categories , post to them and subscribe so that you are updated with notifications. Also keep an information about the members who are commenting and visit their blogs.
  • Link dropping does not help in the case of a BlogCatalog. If you do so, it will get deleted by the Admin. Not only this, but it will also result in losing out on your potential readers.

Tips on effective networking on BlogCatalog Build an appealing profile - Your profile page on BlogCatalog will help you to build an effective marketing platform for you as a blogger and for your blogs. People love to read interesting profiles and do not get impressed by your short-introduction. So, make a well-formed statement for yourself. Write an informative and educative blog post - Create an appealing description of your blog. Know the proper category and think before selecting a category or tags for your blog post(s). Utilize the search facilities in an effective manner - Learn how to network properly. Use filters to narrow your search so that you can locate similar and related blogs. Select only the promising ones and prepare an organized list for the no. of blogs you will visit each day, week etc. Get Connected - In today's busy schedule, it is better to invest your time and energy in something that gives you instant results. The main focus to effectively use social networks is to create relationships with other bloggers who have similar blog content. BlogCatalog includes extensive features and a community full of experienced bloggers. The user can use community and tools to learn more about promoting their blogs. Leaving meaningful feedback or comments on other bloggers post is a key to creating relationships Start networking & Join groups - Make friends with people of similar interests. Subscribe to their posts and leave meaningful comments. Some of them will reciprocate by leaving good suggestions and opinions on your blog posts. Monitor those responses and weed out the non-responsive ones. Make friends with people of similar interests. Subscribe to their posts and leave meaningful comments. Some of them will reciprocate by leaving good suggestions and opinions on your blog posts. Monitor those responses and weed out the non-responsive ones. Be a better blogger - Write good and informative posts. Build a better blog, become a good blogger and promote your blog. Work on ways to improve your blog posts and learn to use keywords in a proper manner.

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