Our Story

Year 1989, two students in an art school sat sketching under a tree, hatching a plan to start something much bigger than themselves. Atul and Anuja founded RedAlkemi (then Pugmarks) just as they were about to graduate from art school. Turning down high paying jobs in esteemed ad agencies, they sought to create that which was never done before.

They broke new ground as they opened a design agency of their own in a small town in India. In 1996, as the Internet boom happened in India, they quickly seized the opportunity to explore this new medium and soon became the pioneers of web design and development in India at the time.

Over the years, they saw many new challenges which they took on in high spirits. From lettrasets to corel draw, from film photography to photoshop, they mastered every new piece of technology that was thrown at them.

Today, when technology is moving at an even faster speed than before, that hands-on approach to work trickles down the entire organisation. We take pride in the work we do, we are solution oriented people, and our mantra is always ‘Yes, it’s possible!’

At RedAlkemi we think of ourselves as alchemists who work with passion (Red) to develop processes (Alkemi) that turn our clients’ online presence to an impactful and successful one, therefore the name RedAlkemi.

Meet RedAlkemists who form our team of branding experts, graphic designers, UI/UX & design experts and web development experts.

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From a design studio to a digital marketing agency to a full circle back to design, our journey has been long, eventful and full of challenges.

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Read our agency testimonials, web development reviews & other generic company testimonials from our clients and people who have worked with us.

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