Brand Guide For Fitness Consultant


Create a brand guide for Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance which will be used to maintain consistency across all their online and offline communications. The branding should be in sync with the physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers and should communicate the values ABTP believes in. Design and develop a marketing website aimed at potential customers.


Discussion with the client to know more about their business, target audience and USP. Create three style tiles for the website and branding. Expand on the suitable style tile to create a brand guide that includes the brand story, logo, colors, typography, imagery and voice. Define the structure and content of the website; proceed to implement all design elements to create the website on RedAlkemi’s CMS.

Research & mood-board

Researched colors, typography and images that were on brand. Created a mood-board on Pinterest to get the look and feel of the brand.

Style tiles

Based on the elements shortlisted in the mood board, finalized few options and created style tiles with the graphic designer on the team. Presented it to the client and iterated to create the final style tile.

Brand guide

Expanded the style tile into a brand guide which covered the brand story, mission, vision, values, logo, typography, colors, imagery, texture, and voice. Supervised the creation of the brand guide and gave it a finishing touch before presenting to the client.

See the full brand guide here

Website Structure & Content

Collated all the information that needed to be communicated through the website and segregated them into different sections to arrive at a website structure that was easy to understand and navigate. Wrote the content based on all the information provided by the client and the keyword research done by the team.


Created a brand guide for Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance which is used to maintain consistency across all their online and offline communications.. Created a marketing website on RedAlkemi’s CMS which is used to generate leads and spread information about the client online.

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