Branding For Sustainable Living Influencer

RedAlkemi worked with Anya Gupta to create an easy and effective solution to build her online presence - on Instagram and Google. Having worked in the ‘green space’ for a little under a year, Anya wanted to establish authority in this space through her content, while also setting it apart with the help of consistent branding and communication. While she wanted her content to be memorable, striking and successful, an aesthetically pleasing feed was also a priority.

RedAlkemi helped put together branding guidelines, style tiles, collateral design and a website for her - ensuring that the core idea of ‘a conscious and sustainable way of living’ was present in all communication while maintaining visual consistency.

RedAlkemi started by creating a brand style tile for Anya’s website which outlined the colors, fonts, UI elements and imagery for her.

We then proceeded to create her website design using our CMS which allows her to easily add new content on her website.

As part of the branding effort, we also outlined the kind of imagery that would go with her brand and assisted in photography.

Subsequently, we helped establish instagram themes for the content she posted

RedAlkemi also helped put in place guidelines for Anya’s instagram stories that established a certain amount of consistency, focus on key aspects of the content that she shares.

Lastly, RedAlkemi assisted with creating collateral designs for her more unique content as part of her communication strategy.

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“RedAlkemi made it easy for me to streamline my content. As somebody who is active on Instagram and wants to be known by not just images, but also a certain way of styling my text and themes, they gave me a simplified process for establishing that recognizable branding.”

– Anya Gupta

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