Branding & Website Design For A Blockchain Consultant

Welford is a Blockchain consulting company that came to RedAlkemi with an aim to manage their online presence. Although they had some branding in place, their entire online presence lacked the cohesiveness a consistent brand should have. They wanted a more dynamic look that is also friendly in order to make blockchain a more approachable topic in the tech, start-up and enterprise space.

RedAlkemi redesigned their website with elements that resonated with their brand, designed illustrations and icons to visually aid the blockchain-related concepts and services provided by the company.

We then turned to their social media presence where we began by making their profiles consistent across various platforms and designed branded posts and infographics to promote their services.


RedAlkemi also created stationery such as business cards to assist with Welford’s on the ground networking efforts which communicated their core value proposition through a simple tagline.


Finally, based on their business model, we designed a landing page highlighting their business development services which describe the step by step process of creating and implementing a business development strategy.


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