E-Commerce Website Design For Dealership


To undertake a suitable template from NopCommerce and adapt it. Review the user experience and make the process of purchase as easy as possible. Create a Responsive design for each interface. Identify the features required on the website. Create a visual language which is on-brand. Create mockups and modify the template. Work with the programming team to integrate the theme and launch the website.


Discussions with the client to identify key features of the site, review competitor references, understand the look and feel they were aiming for and the audience they were targeting. Created mockups for the homepage and narrowed down on the visual language for the site. Devised the check-out process after taking into consideration the delivery constraints of the various products they offered. Designed interfaces for all the pages for desktop and mobile. Modified the template to recreate these designs, integrated the template in collaboration with the programming team.

Mock Ups

Designed mockups of the home page while using a Nopcommerce template as a reference. Iterated a few times after client’s feedback to be more in sync with their strategy.

Designed a menu style that displayed three level navigation.

User Flow

Designed the check out flow. Each product category had a certain legal restriction on the type of shipping used to deliver it. The system had to check the various variables to select the apt shipping method. Firearms can only be delivered through an FFL Dealer nearest to the customer’s location.


Designed all the interfaces for Desktop and Mobile in Illustrator. Set up character and paragraph styles to keep typography consistent and easy to edit through the workflow.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of work performed. All of our graphic and design needs were handled efficiently and professionally. They listened to our feedback, studied our industry, and provided us with design choices and options we hadn’t even considered. All of our deadlines were met, and typically were met early. Even when came up with last minute changes, or even complex priority projects on short notice, they performed very well. All services were appropriately priced, at or well below industry standards. Considering we will use RedAlkemi for future projects, we would have no problem recommending them to others!”

– Bruce Keller, Web Administrator, K-Var Corp.

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