Digital Marketing Company History and Profile


From a small design studio in 1986 to an end-to-end web, design & digital service agency in 2018, RedAlkemi is proud of an action packed past and a super exciting future!

RedAlkemi (originally called Pugmarks) was set up as a design studio by Atul Gupta and Anuja Lath in 1986. We've been in business since before the Internet came into being. With the arrival of the Internet in India in 1996, RedAlkemi entered online services of building business websites & applications, search engine optimization and link building. With further development in the way the Internet shaped our lives, RedAlkemi also started social media marketing services.

Company History

RedAlkemi started out with local projects and slowly made it's way up to national and international projects. Some of the brands RedAlkemi has worked with are the Dhillon Group, Pepsi, Markfed, BMW Motorcycles, Indian Express, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Verka, Bharti Foundation etc. We aspire to continue working with big brands and to bring them success in the online and digital space. We consider our major expertise areas to be business websites, branding, SEO and Social Media management.

History and Profile

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