Re-Branding & Online Presence Of A Pottery Studio

Aura Pottery approached RedAlkemi with a need for rebranding their company from an Art Stay to a Pottery Studio so that they can target a particular group of audience. Initially, their brand catered to backpackers interested in all and any type of art and was positioned as a haven for these artists to explore, create and travel. Since then, they have shifted their focus to cater to a niche in pottery. Having set up space for potters to learn and practice in the art of ceramics, they needed a new look that aligned with this.

RedAlkemi redesigned their logo with the idea of turning the U into a pot and using a leaf which grew abundantly around the studio and is used to make imprints on their signature pottery.

We designed stationery such as business cards and also some icons to showcase some of their offerings visually.

We were also in charge of designing their new website with a structure that showcased their location, the studio, the programs they offer and a link to their shop, making sure that the website’s imagery displayed the space to the viewer so that they understand the vibe of the place.

RedAlkemi also assisted with print collateral such as signs for the studio, rules for villa and a back story of the pottery studio and the creation process. These included the earthy colors of the brand.

We have designed many posters and marketing materials for their exhibitions and other events as their design partners.

Our social media experts were given the responsibility for social media graphics to promote the shop, retreat, upcoming events, and exhibitions, and Email marketing was also carried out to build traction for retreats.

RedAlkemi continues to work with Aura for its new products, exhibitions, workshops, and events. Since the brand conception, Aura has also expanded into Aura OKG (an organic kitchen garden) and Aura Life (for events and workshops focusing on sustainable living)

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“Being a sustainable artistic brand, it is challenging to make someone understand the uniqueness of your business. The designers at RedAlkemi worked closely with us and took their time to fathom what our business is truly about and the audience we are looking to target. They helped us make a website which is elaborate and yet has a balanced ratio of graphic vs the written content. So that it is simple and easy to navigate. Through this change in design, we have experienced a boost in the demand for the program we offer. This was a great credibility change and a must need for all the potters out there.”

– Tavleen, Aura Pottery

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