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Search Engine Optimization

An SEO Package Tailored to your Small Business

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, RedAlkemi is one of the top SEO companies for small businesses. We believe that SEO is a crucial part of having a strong online presence. Without SEO, your website or content is not visible to your target audience.


Here’s why you small business needs SEO

Optimizing your website with the right keywords makes your business more discoverable to those looking for products and services you offer. Implementing search engine optimization on your website makes your small business more discoverable to a relevant audience looking for your products or services. Without SEO, your website or content simply isn’t visible to your target audience.

Link building & off page SEO services

Our Search Engine Optimization process starts with a keyword research, after we have a good understanding of your business. This keyword research is based on a group of keywords that best describe your business, known as the core keywords. For us, everything stems from the keywords. Once we carry out a keyword research, we shortlist a certain number of keywords for your entire website. The number of keywords you optimize your website for depends on how big or small your website is.

"SEO is a crucial part of having a strong online presence. Without it, your website or content is not visible to your target audience."

Good things take time

SEO results grow over time. Optimizing your website is a short process, but it takes time for results to show up. Typically, SEO takes up to 4 to 6 months to start showing results. With effective off-page SEO services, your rankings grow stronger and have a positive, long lasting effect on your authority. Monthly reports recapping the results of your SEO implementation are sent at the end of each month.

Effective & affordable SEO

The returns from implementing SEO for your small business can be massive. Good quality SEO will bring you more leads, queries and generate more revenue for your small business. Without the right SEO services, your small business misses out on the opportunities of growth and success.

With RedAlkemi as your SEO team, we can customize a suitable SEO package for your small business.


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