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Search Engine Optimization is essential for your small business to reach your audience organically. SEO makes your products and services discoverable and is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility.

Body Restoration

Body Restoration is a clinic in Edmonton that offers physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care for its patients. The business wanted to establish authority locally due to high local competition. Some of their main services were shockwave therapy, therapeutic massage, etc.

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Snoozer is India's leading luxury mattress company with the virtue of being the first coil spring mattress manufacturer in the country. Our goal was to establish authority for them for India based keywords that focused on "Luxury Mattress" and "Orthopedic Mattress" and variants of this keyword.

Keywords ranked:

Best orthopedic mattress in india | luxury mattress | Snoozer mattress | Orthopedic mattress

SEO Services for Small Businesses

Aura Pottery

Aura Pottery is a pottery farm and studio in India that offers weekend pottery classes and pottery retreats. The objective of this project was to target people outside India for the retreats and a local audience for the weekend pottery classes. We optimized certain pages of their website locally and some globally.

Keywords ranked:

Pottery courses abroad | pottery retreat | pottery holidays

SEO for Small Businesses

Blogging is a great way to put out content that your target audience will find valuable. Sharing knowledge, information, and advice with your potential customers helps increase your credibility and enhance marketing efforts.

Blogging for Small Business


Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance (ABTP) is a Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation centre in India, offering comprehensive wellness solutions to people from all walks of life.

Keeping in mind the client’s objectives, our role was to produce high-quality, SEO- friendly physiotherapy content that can drive relevant traffic, generate brand awareness and build a better relationship with potential and current customers.

Small Business Blogging

DC Livery

DC Livery is an international chauffeured transportation service provider in more than 550+ cities worldwide.

Our role was to create research-based informative content that highlights their services and builds credibility as an expert in the transportation business.

Small Business Blogging Service

Aura Pottery

Aura pottery is a one of a kind pottery farm in Chandigarh, India, offering a unique learning experience to budding potters along with other interesting programs.

Our role was to craft engaging, creative content on pottery and other topics associated with it that attracts people of same interest and gives an insight into the studio at Aura Pottery.

Blogging Service for Small Business

Trusted Divorces

Trusted Divorces is a firm led by Zeina, an independent divorce paralegal in Alberta. She has helped hundreds of people with their divorce filing by simplifying the whole process and providing affordable solutions.

Our role was to write informative blogs on divorce, types of divorce, divorce filing process in Alberta, etc for awareness and confidence building.

Blog Marketing Service for Small Business


Snoozer is the most trusted luxury mattress brand online in India which provides the best sleeping experience without compromising on quality.

Our role was to produce useful, engaging content on the mattress and how Snoozer mattress is the best choice for people that cater to all their sleep needs.

Blogging Services


Tecfit20 is India’s leading EMS Training studio which aims to help people attain their fitness goals easy and fast.

Our role was to write SEO-friendly blogs backed by thorough research on EMS Training and the benefits for better understanding of the popular fitness technology and its effectiveness.

Successful Content Marketing for your Small Business

Content marketing is one strategy that can help you achieve more than one business goal at a time. Through content marketing, your small business can build its brand image, create a community of sharing information and knowledge, drive more traffic to your website, create high quality links, and much more! With content marketing, not only do you become discoverable to thousands of uses on the Internet, but you also start building a repository of credible information and knowledge on your website.

Small business content marketing is becoming more and more popular, especially since it doesn’t require deep pockets or larger budget. If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to get on to the content marketing bandwagon. Whether you need help with a B2B content marketing strategy for your business, or simply need your content created and promoted on the right places, we’re here to help.

Why your small business needs content marketing

If you are running a small business, you’re more likely to need content marketing than bigger firms. Content marketing is a sure shot way of building an image for your brand. It helps you create a community of people who are interested in your products or services, and it is a great way to establish your small business as a credible source of information and knowledge in your industry.

Optimized content marketing

Our content marketing process begins with keyword research. Everything from the blog topic to the name of the blog banner image is optimized with relevant keywords. Content created by our team will always be shown to you before it is uploaded to the Internet. What makes our content marketing strategy successful is its promotion on relevant online publishing websites based on your business and target audience.

"With content marketing, not only do you become discoverable to thousands of uses on the Internet, but you also start building a repository of credible information and knowledge on your website."

Effective small business content marketing

Whether it’s social media or content marketing for your business, we strive to Deliver Measurable Online Success. At the end of each month, our team prepares a comprehensive report recapping the success of our content marketing campaign for your small business. Based on these reports, future campaigns are tweaked and refined for better performance.

You’re dealing with the best content marketing firm

Content marketing is the need of the hour and as your content marketing firm and partner, we understand this. We know how to write successful content and how to promote it on the right channels and platforms to maximize reach, exposure and traffic to your website.

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