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Search Engine Optimization is essential for your small business to reach your audience organically. SEO makes your products and services discoverable and is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility.

Body Restoration

Body Restoration is a clinic in Edmonton that offers physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care for its patients. The business wanted to establish authority locally due to high local competition. Some of their main services were shockwave therapy, therapeutic massage, etc.

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Snoozer is India's leading luxury mattress company with the virtue of being the first coil spring mattress manufacturer in the country. Our goal was to establish authority for them for India based keywords that focused on "Luxury Mattress" and "Orthopedic Mattress" and variants of this keyword.

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Best orthopedic mattress in india | luxury mattress | Snoozer mattress | Orthopedic mattress

SEO Services for Small Businesses

Aura Pottery

Aura Pottery is a pottery farm and studio in India that offers weekend pottery classes and pottery retreats. The objective of this project was to target people outside India for the retreats and a local audience for the weekend pottery classes. We optimized certain pages of their website locally and some globally.

Keywords ranked:

Pottery courses abroad | pottery retreat | pottery holidays

SEO for Small Businesses

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