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Designing a Business Website


What is the purpose?

A business website serves the purpose of online collateral, as well as offering services or products to a target audience. A good website becomes the end point of a funnel of traffic, where leads can be generated and potential business converted. RedAlkemi is among website marketing agencies that undertake the designing of a business website from the view point of lead generation. 


What does it involve?

Website design and development invoices four key stages:

    1. Website design prototypes
    2. User Interfaces
    3. Conversion to HTML
    4. Programming for functionality


What is delivered?

Our approach to web design services for small businesses is to build the site structure and content in tandem with appropriate keywords that represent your business. Imagery, design and flow is aligned to your digital branding. Style tiles are developed to narrow down on imagery, color schemes, typography, voice, tone and brand personality.

In building your website, our end goal is to deliver a site that is super fast, responsive, loads well on all devises, and has content that leads to conversions for your business. 


How does it add value?

A high quality website is an immediate representation of not only a company’s services or products, but also of its ethos, personality and credibility. A good website represents a company online in the absence of a good spokesperson. It adds value in communicating to an audience that may or may not be interested in your service depending upon its interaction with your website.

Being among the best website design companies for small businesses, we understand the importance of delivering an impactful website that becomes a lead generating tool for your business.


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