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Social Media Marketing

The Role Social Media plays in Growing your Small Business

If your business isn’t present on the right social media channels, you’re blocking out a lot of potential customers and opportunities for your small business to grow. That’s why you need an agency like us which will help you implement the best social media plan for your small business.

At RedAlkemi, we believe that having a strong online presence is important to establish your business as credible and authoritative in the online space. In an age where everybody uses social media to do background checks on businesses or brands, you need to be present on social media. 

We’re a social media marketing agency for small businesses that believes in delivering measurable online success. Something we always promise our customers is a long term partnership. We associate ourselves as your partners rather than your vendors. We find pleasure in bringing success to your small business.

Why you need social media services 

Your small business needs a social media marketing plan in place, if you want to stay relevant and grow your business. Without social media, your brand isn’t really out there or communicating with your audience. A good social media plan will ensure that you are constantly in the minds of your potential customers, and that you are engaging with them with the right message, on the right channels and at the right time. Implementing social media marketing for your small business is a cost effective way to increase brand awareness, establish brand authority, stay updated on your competitor’s moves, stay relevant and in touch with your customers or audience.

A detailed social media plan

After a social media manager thoroughly understands your business, we come up with a social media marketing plan. Based on the nature of your small business and the kind of products and services you offer, a marketing strategy is outlined. This strategy plan typically includes the kind of posts we will make and the channels they will be promoted on. A calendar is made and your social media plan goes live. Our team of social media experts constantly check the response on the campaign. It’s simple, we do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. We do this till we reach a strategy that bring you more likes, engagement and traffic, resulting in more success.

"We associate ourselves as your partners rather than your vendors. We find pleasure in bringing success to your small business."

Effective social media management

Our team looks at your campaign and the results very closely. We use insights and Google Analytics to understand how the campaigns perform. We use this information to improve our campaign for the future months. Monthly reports recapping all the numbers, progress and results are delivered at the end of each month. Everybody wants the best social media for their small business, but we ensure we deliver effective results that are measurable.

Customized social media marketing packages

Our social media marketing packages for small businesses ensure that your brand achieves its goals of increasing awareness about the products and services you offer. Our campaigns also result in brand awareness, customer care, reputation management, lead generation and sales. Based on the requirements on your business, our team can customize a package that suits your social media marketing needs.


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