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Video for Small Business Marketing

Visual Production

Photography and Video Production for Small Businesses

We all love stock images and videos, until we discover that a thousand others are using the same ones in their branding. In order to really stand out from the crowd and create a memorable and impactful brand, you need to have visuals that are exclusive to just you. Custom photography and video production for your small business will give you that edge.

Why a small business needs video production in their online strategy

Digital trends show more and more users consuming video content now more than ever. YouTube is the second largest search engine now and more than half the views on it come from mobile devices. This makes videos the best way to spread awareness about your brand. We help create strategies that focus on videos to help your brand make the most of your marketing efforts.

Developing a visual content strategy

We work with you to create a visual strategy that is in line with your branding and goals. Depending on your budget and resources, we carry out the entire production of your photographs and videos. The images and videos then tie into the rest of the strategy, whether you are getting a website created or executing a social media marketing campaign.

"YouTube is the second largest search engine now and more than half the views on it come from mobile devices."

Making the most of your images and videos

Once your visuals are in place and the aesthetics convey your brand message, we help promote them through various social media channels. YouTube has become one of the leading platforms to share content on and we make sure that you make the most of it.

Building credibility with customized visuals

Having quality content under your belt gives you an enormous edge over your competitors. Stock images and videos, although tempting to use, harm your brand in the long run; because, what is readily available to you, is readily available to everyone, therefor diluting your brand image. Investing in quality images that are your own will help solve this problem.


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