Business Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season!

Business Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season!

December 29, 2017

The holiday season is the happiest time of the year for most people and it makes for the perfect time for brands and businesses to connect with their customers and expect a fairly good response. This is also the time of the year when sales, promotions and offers are at their peak, luring customers to buy or check out various products and services.

This can be observed among e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba or Flipkart which boom during the festive holiday season. With customers and consumers being most likely to make a purchase during the holiday season, brand or companies generate a huge revenue and maximize their profit, all thanks to the holiday vibe!

From the marketing perspective, the holiday season can do wonders for a brand or business simply because it’s the time of the year when sales and purchases are at its highest. For every business, the holiday season is a great time and opportunity to maximize profits and boost sales, which is why they should leverage it and monetize the opportunity to their benefit!

Here are some of the best way of marketing your business and gaining more business during holiday season:

Personalized free advice

Holiday season or no holiday season, everybody loves freebies! A great way to market your brand is to give away free advice, services, products or hampers to people. Giveaways and free hampers are a great way to build a relationship with your customer base. It lets them know that your brand is about more than making a sale. Additionally, since there is no price involved the demand increases significantly.

For example, this holiday season RedAlkemi is offering a FREE audit report for businesses and brands. This report entails free advice, suggestions and feedback on how to improve your online presence.

Giving away freebies also makes your consumers talk about your brand and share the word with other friends or family. Overall, there’s a sense of trust and happiness between the brand and the customers, which is excellent.

Market by video

Video marketing is a good way to grab attention of your customers, especially if you’re trying to reach them through platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Videos are more engaging than images and drive more traffic and impressions.

A successful way to market your brand during the holiday season is to make use of live videos to talk about offers, sales, contests or promotion. Live videos work on the concept of scarcity. People are tempted to check out a live video simply because it is in real time and will not exist after a certain point in time. Therefore, it’s a great way to promote offers during the holiday season!

Highlight special offers

One of the easiest ways to market your brand with full force during the holiday season is to clearly highlight and communicate special offers that your brand is running. Talking about your best sellers, products that will soon be sold out, mind-blowing deals on products gives your audience just the information they need to make a purchase.

By highlighting special offers you are telling your customers exactly what they need to buy or try out. By running limited period offers, you can create a feeling of urgency in the mind of the customers. This is a successful technique to boost sales and maximize profit, especially during the holiday season.

Humorous advertisements

After all, we are talking about the holiday season. It’s the time of the year when people are most happy, generous, caring and loving. Your advertisements and promotional material need to be along the same lines.

Brands that use funny or witty advertisements are more likely to be remembered by consumers. You can market your brand successfully by maintaining the same spirit as the holiday season through-out your ads!


A Call to Action is the most important element on online marketing. Unless and until you provide your users or customers with actions to reach an end goal, successful marketing can be a challenge for your brand. A CTA doesn’t always have to be a button leading to a landing page. It can be in the form of a question or something as simple as ‘tag a friend’. Adding interesting CTA’s to your posts can make a huge difference and get more engagement! For example, brands that use questions like “What do you think?” or “Where are you from?” in their captions get a significant amount of engagement from their customers or users.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a good technique for marketing your brand during the holiday season, Even though everybody thinks email marketing only leads to spamming, it really does work! Email marketing is all about how you draft your mail and choose your subject and headlines. People also tend to open promotional emails more during the holiday season as compared to the rest of the year because they know holiday season emails will entail special offers and good discount deals. Therefore, an appropriate time to include email marketing is during the holiday season.

For example, Nykaa - an online beauty store, uses email marketing to keep their customers updated with latest discount offers and sale deals. With subject lines like “Get wedding ready with these products”, Nykaa creates an impact on customer’s buying behavior. This may or may not yield excellent results for a brand but it’s worth a shot!

With 2017 coming to an end and it still being holiday season, use these tips to market your brand and maximize sales! Use every opportunity available to step up your business this marketing season.

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