Elementor Website Builder Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Elementor Website Builder Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

June 28, 2024

Have you ever wished to design your WordPress website without needing to know code? Elementor is a drag-and-drop plugin that lets you do just that. It gives you a visual interface to build and customize your website, making it easier than ever to create professional-looking pages. 

This review will dive into the details of Elementor Website Builder Review, both the free and paid versions, and you will also see all its good, bad and beautiful features. 

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a heavyweight in the world of WordPress website building. Launched in 2016 by an Israeli company. Now Elementor has become the go-to choice for many users due to its drag-and-drop interface. It means you can create and customize your website visually. It works without needing to write a single line of code.

Elementor offers a live editing experience. You can see the changes you make reflected on your website in real time. Which makes the design process smooth and efficient.

Core Features of Elementor

Elementor's core strength lies in its drag-and-drop functionality. It provides a library of pre-built elements, like text boxes, images, buttons, and more. All these features you can easily drag and drop onto your web pages. 

You can customize these elements with various settings to match your brand and design preferences. This makes it ideal for both beginners and users with some design experience.

How is Elementor Good?

Do you want to know how Elementor is good? Then, look at the features that make the Elementor great. 

User-friendly Interface

Elementor shines with its user-friendly interface. Opposite to the traditional website building, that often requires coding knowledge. Then, Elementor offers a drag-and-drop approach. 

That is the simplicity of use brought by Elementor. You can drag pre-designed elements like text boxes, images, buttons, and more, and drop them onto your web pages exactly where you want them.

It has an intuitive design philosophy that can extend beyond just dragging and dropping. Interface of elementor itself is clean and uncluttered, with clear labels and options. Whether you are a seasoned designer or a complete beginner. Elementor makes building and customizing your website enjoyable.

Customization Options

You can design your websites for individual elements, which gives you complete control over the look and feel of your website more unique than others.

Theme Builder: This feature allows you to go beyond editing individual pages and customize your entire layout of websites. That includes headers, footers, and even archive pages. It creates a cohesive design that flows across your entire website. Elementor's Theme Builder makes it possible.

Template Library: you do not want to build everything from scratch? Elementor offers a treasure trove of pre-designed templates for various purposes. Whether you need a landing page for a new product launch or a blog layout. 

There is a good chance you will find a beautiful and functional template to jumpstart your project. These templates are fully customizable, so you can easily adjust them to your specific needs.

Performance and Speed

It is great that you create a beautiful website. But if it takes time to load. Then,  visitors will bounce back before they even see your amazing design. This is where some page builders can become a burden. 

The good news is that Elementor prioritizes performance. The developers have made significant strides in recent versions to ensure your website built with Elementor loads quickly.

Fast Loading Times: Elementor is coded with performance in mind. The plugin itself is lightweight and optimized to minimize bloat on your website. It translates to faster loading times for your visitors. But it keeps them engaged and happy.

Optimized Code: Behind the scenes, Elementor uses clean and efficient code. It means your web pages run quickly and smoothly. It also provides a positive user experience. Elementor also offers features like code minimization and font loading. The optimization of these features increase the speed of websites.

Integration Capabilities

Elementor integrates seamlessly with WordPress. You can leverage the vast ecosystem of WordPress plugins alongside it. This means you can use your favorite contact form plugin or SEO plugin. Or any type of image gallery plugin without worrying about conflicts. 

This broad compatibility makes Elementor a versatile website building tool. That can adapt to your specific needs and preferences.

Customer Support 

Elementor will not leave you alone if you are a beginner. They offer comprehensive documentation with tutorials, guides, and articles to help you get the most out of the plugin. And if you get stuck, there is a large and active Elementor community where you can find answers to your questions and connect with other Elementor users.

What makes the Elementor Bad?

Elementor might seem like a website building dream come true. But do not be act as fooled.  It provides a user-friendly interface and tons of features. 

There are some downsides to consider before you jump in. Here I’ll explore some potential drawbacks to using Elementor for your WordPress website.

Learning Curve

Elementor might seem like a magic wand for website building. But getting started is not always flawless. There can be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you are new to WordPress altogether. 

Additionally, Elementor offers powerful features. However,  some advanced customization options might have a steeper learning curve.

Pricing Structure

Elementor offers both free and pro versions. The free version is great for simple websites with basic drag and drop editing. But for some advanced features like form builders, pop-ups, and theme building. Here you'll need Elementor Pro.

Limited to WordPress

Elementor is a double-edged benefit for those who do not use WordPress. In contrast, it develops website building within WordPress. It is not compatible with other website platforms. 

It means you cannot use Elementor to create websites on Wix, Squarespace, or any other website builder. If you are not using WordPress. Then the Elementor will not be your website building tool.

What makes the Elementor Beautiful?

Elementor might have its shortcomings, but its strengths are also undeniable. I’ll explore all its features which make designs beautiful and attractive for users. 

Design Flexibility

Elementor empowers you to unveil your creative vision. It has drag and drop builder is coupled with a vast library of high quality design elements. It gives you the freedom to design unique and beautiful websites. It means you can move beyond cookie cutter templates. Help you to create a website that truly reflects your brand and personality.

Responsive Design

In today's mobile-first world, Elementor keeps you covered. Its mobile optimization features ensure your website looks stunning and functions flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones. 

It provides the adaptive elements. And your website will automatically adjust its layout to fit different screen sizes. It also delivers a great user experience for visitors no matter how they choose to access your site.

User Experience 

Elementor has a drag-and-drop interface and clear navigation. Which makes building your website a breeze. Elementor has an impact on your editing experience. The features and functionalities it offers empower you to create websites that are not only beautiful but also user-friendly. 

By incorporating elements that enhance user engagement. Like calls to action and clear layouts. Elementor also provides a guide to visitors toward your website's goals.

Elementor vs. Competitors

Feature Elementor Behave Builder Divi WPBakery
Pricing Free & Pro
(starts at $49/year)
Free & Pro
(starts at $99/year)
($249 lifetime)
($64 single site)
Learning Curve Easiest Easy Moderate Moderate
Design Flexibility High High High High
Mobile Optimization Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Theme Compatibility Works with most themes Works with most themes Requires Divi theme Works with most themes
Free Version
Drag-and-drop builder,
basic widgets,
responsive editing
Limited drag-and-drop
editing,few widgets
No drag-and-drop
Limited drag-and-drop
editing,few widgets

Reliable Website Hosting for Elementor

If you want to benefit more from Elementor. Then get the most reliable website hosting for elementor. While Elementor itself is lightweight and optimized for speed. Your hosting provider plays an important role in your website's performance. 

Some hosting companies even offer plans specifically optimized for Elementor to ensure your website loads quickly and delivers a smooth user experience. Here are some most recommended hosting for elementor.

  • Bluehost 
  • Elementor Cloud
  • SiteGround 
  • FlyWheel 

Final verdict!

Elementor is a powerful website builder plugin for WordPress that offers a user-friendly interface, tons of features, and beautiful design capabilities. At the same time, there is a toughness of a learning curve, especially for beginners. It is also limited to WordPress users, the free version is great for simple websites. And its pro version offers a wealth of advanced features for more complex projects. With its drag-and-drop functionality, a comprehensive library of elements, and WordPress integration. Elementor empowers you to create professional looking websites without the need to know code. If you are looking for a user-friendly and versatile website building tool. Then, the Elementor is a great option to consider. Remember, choosing the right website builder depends on your specific needs and budget. Weigh the pros and cons of Elementor against other options to see. If it is the perfect fit for your website building journey.

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