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10 Effective Tips to Write a Blog!

Blogs are like an online journal or diary that may be handled by an individual or by a company. They are a way to express your thoughts, knowledge and passion to other readers. Blogs form an exceptional means for people to showcase their writing skills. Blog topics can be generic or specific, either way they should be engaging.

You don’t necessarily require technical skills to write a blog unless the topic you choose is technical itself; although it helps to brush up on blog writing tips. In fact the best of blogs are written in a simplified way and are easily understandable. So all you need is a set of well-written blogs to be posted at regular intervals to keep the audience engaged and looking forward to the next one.

Here are some blog writing tips to help you master blog writing:

The motive: why writing blogs?

Ask yourself why you are writing blogs in the first place. Some write for generating traffic, others write for monetizing their blog writing skills. You have to analyze your reason behind writing a blog. Once you are aware of this, devising a blog writing strategy becomes easier.

Enticing landing pages

For you to hook your user into reading your blog, make sure your landing page is attractive or eye-catching. It is important that the landing pages are resourceful and share information, such that it shares knowledge and helps in solving a reader’s problem or question.

Effective USP

A USP or unique selling point is essential in marketing your business. Your USP should be clearly defined in your blog and should draw in your users to continue reading. Not only does this build a certain level of trust, it also keeps your readers engaged.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy wherein your request a social media influencer to share your posts or articles in order to increase its exposure exponentially. Through influencer marketing, blogs have the potential to reach a large base of users because of the influencer. This can help you boost your online presence and see immediate results.

Build relationship with your followers

Build a healthy relationship with your followers over time, this helps you grow your online followers and build an online community. Having a community of your own makes sharing a blog easy. Once your readers think your blogs are interesting and informative, they will look out for your upcoming blogs. Being active and engaging with your readers is a great way to build a large following.

Share work of other bloggers

Sharing links of other relevant bloggers makes your page a source of knowledge and trending news in that particular field. Don’t be afraid of sending traffic to other people. Instead, think of it as a community building exercise wherein you share blogs and inform your readers about topics you know they are interested in.

Photo and video blogs

Writing a blog is not limited to the written content only. Blogs can also be formatted into different forms with lesser content and more graphics or videos. Vlogs or video blogs present on websites like YouTube which can be added to an initial collection of blogs that only had written content. This makes your blog page more creative and adds rich media to it. According to statistics, blogs with exceptional graphics had excellent user engagement than on the blog with only written content.

Active on social bookmarking Site

Social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Quora, Medium etc. are effective for sharing blogs to the masses in one shot. Sharing your blogs on such websites is an essential part of driving traffic to your blog. Followers on social bookmarking sites can upvote your blogs, making them more popular and increasing their ranking in the listing order.

Well optimized blog

Like webpages, blogs also need to be optimized in order to reach a specific target audience and rank well on search engines. Adding long tail keywords, high search volume keywords and title tags can help you achieve this. Your blog title should also contain high search volume keywords.

Content that influences the readers

The quality of content will always determine its success. Therefore, write blog that is high in quality, relevant, useful and informative. Keep the content to the point and use simple and catchy words to keep the readers engaged.

Blog writing is a skill which can be enhanced by regularly practicing. One should always keep in mind the above-mentioned points that can boost your blog!

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