Major Pros and Cons of Technology

The growth of technology is one of the most debatable topics. Some scientists refer to it as a disaster while some refer to it as a blessing. No doubt that we live in the age of technology where it has become an important part of our life but it can sometimes act as a hindrance too if dependency continues to increase. Before we jump to any conclusion, let’s weigh the pros and cons of technology.

Here are the pros and cons of technology


Improves efficiency for Business

The best advantage of any technology is that it increases the efficiency of a business process.

We can perform more tasks in less time. From shared drives to emails, communication, coordination, execution and implementation of a lot of business processes has become swift and hassle-free, all thanks to technology.

Saves time

A very obvious advantage of technology is that it saves time. As we are able to complete a task in lesser time, we can utilize the time saved for other important activities. With the help of technology a lot of activities such as cooking, cleaning, working, commuting are accomplished faster.

Better communication

In earlier times, communicating with a person belonging to a different part of the world was difficult. Think about it! Think back to the time when people had to communicate using pigeons or letters, something that took days or weeks! However today the world has come closer and one can easily connect with a person sitting in another corner of the world, all thanks to technology.

Reduces cybercrime risks

The biggest benefit of technology is to the cyber world. AI (Artificial intelligence) algorithms are qualified to detect a change in patterns that are unique from the normal pattern.

Implementing AI to detect cyber-attack is still at an early stage, but with advancement in technology, one can expect to prevent it. Hence the chances of getting a cyber-attack are reduced.  


Besides the advantages discussed above, there are also some disadvantages of technological advancements: 

Extreme dependability

With each passing day, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology for almost every task without even realizing it. A common example of this is using a cab service. Another example is using GPS to know the directions of any desired location. A lot of people today do not bother learning or memorizing directions because they depend on Google Maps for it. In a lot of ways, that’s not a good path we’re going down!


Although technology is already a part of many people’s lives, there are still some people out there who cannot afford some technologies. Many technologies that are being used by the organizations are expensive. As a results, one of technology’s biggest cons is that it can only be used by those who can afford it.

Shortage of jobs

With technology, the efficiency of a task has increased tenfold and this is the reason why the technology might be able to replace humans soon. An increase in technology is going to ensure that tasks that humans could do earlier can now be achieved by machines and technology. Thus, creating a shortage of jobs.

Nowadays even organizations prefer technology that is capable of doing tasks more efficiently than humans. Thus, with the rise of technology humans can be replaced by algorithms and robots.


The biggest disadvantage of technology is that all are machine driven. And a minor lapse in the functioning can create a situation that cannot be controlled. So, a minor malfunction may cause a complete failure which can cost a human life as well.

Now that we have discussed how technology benefits us and also the disadvantages of technology today, we’re confused about whether to perceive it as a boon or bane. Only time can validate the future of technology. We also think that as global citizens, we have a responsibility of allowing certain technologies into our lives. It’s up to us to make the decisions!

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