About Us

Hello! We are your Remote Design Team!

A team you can trust, rely and bank on. We're talented, warm & friendly and committed to our work. We like to make YOU shine.

Anuja Lath

Co-Founder & CEO

I dabble in architectural design and ceramic art, run pottery retreats and recently received the title of Chief Storyteller at our luxury homestay. I’m most excited by a design challenge.

Vardhini Verma

Operations Manager

Believer of magic dust and the written word as the font of all knowledge. Travel and culture add colour to my cheeks and soul music beats to my heart.

Rohit Watts

General Manager

Time with family and Bollywood movies is what my weekend looks like. Weekdays at RedAlkemi keep me stimulated and gunning for more. Always.

Ada Gupta

Project Manager - UI/UX

A self taught designer who is constantly exploring the world of design. I enjoy reading books on design and productivity, dabble in embroidery as a creative outlet and am always up for a game of padel tennis or squash.

Gautam Krishna

Design Lead

It’s time to savour good things like mulled wine and maybe an orange in the mornings. I design better than I make an omelette.

Kavita Ray

UI/UX Designer

I love eating, cooking, watching and talking about food. Just realized, adjusting to adult life can be hard but I am trying, keeping my inner child alive and engaged.

Shivam Sharma

UI/UX Designer

Legacy is not what I did for myself. It's what I'm doing for the next generation - Vitor Belfort.
That’s a lofty one, but I am going to give it my best shot.

Wasim Akram

Web Designer

Ooooh, If I could be Berlin from Money Heist, I’d be the coolest guy ever!  Bingeing on Netflix is like education for me. The more I watch, the better I get!

Sukhvir Singh

UI/UX Designer

Lover of motorbikes and cars, all things that can go vrooom. Speed is my biggest thrill! A close second is good food, music and evenings with friends.

Monu Sahray

Graphic Designer

The rich history of India fascinates me, could never get bored of reading more about it. But for entertainment, I turn to movies and web series.

Maninder Singh

UI/UX Designer

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated. - Paul Rand
And this is what fascinates me about design the most.

Ridhi Mittal

Digital Marketing Executive

With an undying zeal for life and a fascination to learn, I go about my day, with a smile on my face and heart on my sleeve. If I ever say no to coffee, report her. It shall be an imposter.