Blockchain: A Look into the Future of Businesses

The constant input of technologies has given rise to a need for businesses to continuously reconfigure their base settings. Although trusted, but sticking to outmoded business models is no longer seen as a futuristic approach. Change is no longer a luxury but a brutal truth that cannot be brushed under the rug. The way forward in this age of technological disruptions lies through them and not around them.

Blockchain is seen as a major breakthrough that made the businesses ponder over the sustainability of their business models. ...

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Why Data Mining is Still Important in 2019

The influence of technology on the world is constantly growing. In this new age where everything is being shifted to the online sphere, data has risen as the new currency. It has become the most important asset of every organization. Hence the uses of data mining in today’s world cannot be undermined or understated.

Data mining seems like magic to most people. Extreme accuracy and precision with the data loads are what make this highly powerful and as much intriguing. Data mining can be said to be an offshoot of the entire ...

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5 Lessons Every Digital Marketer Has to Learn from Neil Patel's Career

There are no shortcuts to success, and you’re ok with that. You’re not scared of the hard work that you need to put in to grow your business, but you could do with some guidance and inspiration to reassure you that you’re on the right track.

One of the best places to look for that guidance and inspiration is Neil Patel.

Neil isn’t ashamed to share the ups and downs of his own career, revealing the growth hacks that worked to bring hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to his marketing blog, myri...

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Significance of Keyword Research Tools for your Business

If you are already into SEO and are using a content strategy that is giving jerks to your competitors, you definitely know how keywords can make a difference to your business. But, for all others, the basic truth is that content cannot survive in this ruthless online competition if you are not using keywords. Keywords? Eh! Where do you find them? Yes! Keywords are the lifeline for your content. Content these days is not just written for reading but has become a potent marketing tool. Marketers see a huge potent...

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