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7 Great Qualities of an Outstanding Website

There are millions and millions of websites sitting on the World Wide Web, all waiting to be visited or explored. Some may attract a lot of traffic while some may not have ever had a visitor. We know that a lot goes into a website’s building, but what are the few things that make a great website?


A website is designed to appeal and cater to a specific target audience. For a website to succeed a marketer needs to understand the latest website design trends, who will access his website and what they will expect to fin...

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Can Big Data Database Replace Data Warehouse?

Big Data is a special kind of database that differs from the regular database. The standard databases are effective for the storing and processing of structured data. It uses tables to store data and SQL or Structured Query Language for accessing and retrieving the data. Big Data includes semi-structured and unstructured data. There are special kinds of databases called NoSQL databases along with tools that store as well as process Big Data. Data analytics is being used for deploying Big Data like logos, text, images, and other formats...

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Ways to Reduce Internet Carbon Footprint

In such telling times, when the whole human race has been brought down to knees by the onslaught of nature, the need to study the internet carbon footprint on the planet becomes even more compelling.

COVID-19 has forced the governments to implement countrywide lock-downs and businesses are being asked to continue their operations remotely. A large chunk of the world population is sitting at home to help curb the spread of the deadly virus, trying to stay productive during Coronavirus. One trend that has picked up amongst all is ...

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Convert Leads at Higher Roi with Content Marketing

Creative content attracts a lot of visitors out of which some convert into customers. You want to push the conversion rate higher, but you’re not sure of the process.

Don’t worry. We got you covered.

Investing in content marketing is a safe bet. A report by HubSpot informs that in 2020, more than 70% of the marketers are actively investing in content marketing. They aren’t spending because it’s a trend, but because of the ROI. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing gets th...

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