10 advantages and disadvantages of SEO in 2022

10 advantages and disadvantages of SEO in 2022

Charles David
December 12, 2022

Business competition due to the rise of digital marketing and electronic commerce is increasing. What will differentiate between buying in an online store and not in another will be a matter of the SEO tools that are applied.

In addition to many other factors, it has been shown that those pages that carry out a good SEO positioning appear among the first in the search engine lists, obtain more customers and increase their sales. But like everything in life, there is also a negative part, which is why today we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of applying SEO tools in 2022.

What are the advantages of SEO in 2022?

  • You generate more visits to your website, using SEO tools will make you gain visibility; you will have more exposure in front of millions of people. There will be many users interested in the products or services you offer. It is also a stable traffic. Using SEO correctly will ensure you thousands of visits constantly, every day.
  • Give visibility to your brand, thanks to SEO you will be able to create a community that tomorrow can advertise you for 'free' and share the services you offer with your acquaintances or in their networks. All this is directly related to the new clients that you will obtain and with them, benefits. The more people see you, the more likely there will be a purchase.
  • You will attract more traffic and it will be qualified, having many visits is useless if they are not the correct ones. That is, if the people who end up on our website were not looking for those products or services. It is important to appear in searches related to the theme of your website. When SEO is properly optimized for a website, it will be possible to attract people interested in that subject, for this it is also important to take care of keywords, searches, take care of the style and navigation facilities on the page, etc.
  • Stable investment with great results, investment in SEO positioning has been proven to be much more stable in the long term than SEM. In addition, it is much more affordable economically. It is important to highlight that applying SEO strategies must be done with knowledge, otherwise it is better to contact experts. SEO, more than financial outlay, reuires a lot of time and effort until you see results. It is a recurring and stable tool, therefore, if you perform all the recommended steps correctly and know the Google algorithm, you will have a high chance of long-term success.
  • You will improve the quality of your website, many of the tools that must be applied to position a website we'll make the pages friendly and easy to use. This will translate into happier customers and search engines that value your website positively. Some on-page optimizations are related to the speed at which the content loads, that the web adapts to the mobile and the computer, even the time that the page captures the attention of customers. When working with SEO, not everything comes down to being pretty, understandable and fast. There are many aspects to take into account to improve the user experience. For example, if information is offered through a blog, it is important that the doubts and concerns of readers regarding that topic can be resolved.
  • Increase the authority and trust of your website, so that a website can reach high positions in search engines. It is important that it has authority. Which translates into generating trust for users and Google. If you want Google to recommend your website, it is important to implement off-page SEO actions to gain authority. These actions focus on building relationships with named digital media or other websites with a similar niche. How to get authority? Linking these websites as a sign that this content is recommended, performing link building, structuring the contents well, etc.
  • You will compete in a digital environment, digital spaces are currently highly valued, there are millions of companies and businesses that want to gain a foothold in the digital world. To achieve a worthwhile digital presence, it is necessary to know and know what the competition is doing. Knowing who you will compete against is very important, knowing what content attracts attention from information to entertainment. SEO strategies will allow you to focus the content on people who are really interested.

What are the disadvantages of SEO in 2022?

  • As we have already mentioned, it is also important to know and consider the disadvantages of SEO. There will always be drawbacks when running a business even online. There are more advantages than disadvantages, but it is important to know them in order to take them into account and solve all the difficulties that may arise.
  • It is necessary to be patient, the results of the SEO tools that are applied do not come from one day to the next. It is a matter of spending a lot of time and work. Also, apply the steps correctly to avoid penalties. Google evaluates factors to recommend the web, for example, quality of content, technical aspects, authority of the web, etc. But to be able to reach them requires a considerable investment of time and research. Google will not index a web page on the same day.
  • Wait for ROI, which means waiting to see how the Return on Investment increases. The income will not come just after applying SEO strategies. Positioning through SEO helps improve the performance and activity of a web page, but not all sites always have the same purpose. Some are dedicated to the sale, others to the information, patience is necessary until the income due to these actions arrives.
  • Constant competition, as we have already mentioned, the competition to acquire high positions in the search engines is the order of the day. Positioning in search engines is a great challenge. There are many companies that use the same keywords to position themselves, which is why organic positioning strategies increase. Positioning the content is easy, the complicated thing is to maintain it but if you don't
  • SEO tools are not always free, the investment to carry out organic positioning is not very high but it always implies an economic outlay. And more, when you go to a professional in the sector to be able to apply all these strategies and achieve the established objectives. The tools that perform the best SEO positioning are paid. Carrying it out involves a lot of work, experience and knowledge.
  • Changes in the Google algorithm, no one really knows 100% how the positioning of web pages works because the Google algorithm changes from time to time. SEO actions are focused on optimizing what the algorithm knows, keywords, structures, technical aspects, etc. When this changes, a web page can drop drastically. It is important for SEOs to constantly monitor page functions and be aware of updates to achieve the best results.
  • There are penalties from search engines, if the established requirements are not met, search engines like Google can penalize your content and not position it. It is important to maintain the balance between optimizing the web well and not overloading it.

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