10 Inspiring Small Business Website Examples

10 Inspiring Small Business Website Examples

January 28, 2021

You can secure many potential customers through an optimized business website. More than 64% of small businesses have their website up-and-running on the internet. Business websites help your drive traffic, generate quality leads, and finally turn them into your customers. 

If you want to own such a website but aren’t sure of how to go about it, these small business website examples would be of great help. You can take the positives from these platforms, mix-in your personality, and avail web design services for small businesses to enter the digital marketplace. 

Below is the list of 10 small business websites for your inspiration: 

1. Built by Buffalo


Image Source: Built by Buffalo

Built by Buffalo offers web design and development services and has an elegant website to communicate their message to their community. It has a special layout that utilizes card designs and unique shapes that catches the visitor’s eye. 

Through card designs, Built by Buffalo is able to showcase their web design services list on their landing page with sheer class. Web navigation is smooth, and there are no complexities on any of their web pages. This website is the best example of implementing the SPA (single page application) technique. 

2. Moment Skis

Image Source: Moment Skis

Moment Skis’ website is a harmonious collection of powerful images. Every web page is packed with awesome photographs that convey a story of their own. The top of their homepage is occupied with an option bar that has everything they offer. Image sliders are placed just below this bar and consist of their best skis, again backed by high-quality images. 

The rich hover effects and ease-of-usage ensure a seamless user journey right from the start. The links to social media accounts and contact information find their place on the top-left of your screen. If you’re wondering how to make the best usage of imagery for your website, learn from Moment Skis.

3. Oxalis Adventure

Image Source: Oxalis Adventure

Adventure seekers love the sensation of “thrill” and “excitement.” Oxalis Adventure is just the website they need to plan their next escapade outing. The company organizes high-octane cave outings for tourists, and they get a glimpse of it when they open Oxalis Adventure’s website. 

The animated banners welcome visitors to the world of cave adventure in Vietnam. From there, the users can find all the details regarding packages, locations, eligibility, and more. The Oxalis Adventure’s website also has a chat-bot to rectify all your queries on the spot.

4. Moving Waldo

Image Source: Moving Waldo

Creative businesses that offer non-traditional services need a powerful website that explains everything to the user right away. For a moving concierge company like Moving Waldo, a similar web portal is needed. The website offers complete transparency to win the customer’s trust and provides descriptive information about how things roll at their company.

Keeping up with the modern web design trends, Moving Waldo also incorporates the SPA (Single Page Application) model. This allows you to discover everything you need to know without switching between numerous web pages. The color scheme of red and white remains consistent throughout the website, and branding is done homogeneously too.

5. Andersson Wise

Image Source: Andersson Wise

Before you purchase from any website, you always ask yourself, “How good would be the product or services of this web store?” Andersson Wise addresses your query right away by offering a summary of various projects they’ve done. As you scroll below, you come across their “About Us” section, and below it is a button that leads you to their brand story. 

The website uses an immersive color palette where the background score switches between dark grey and white depending on the particular web page. A conventional contact button is placed on the right-top, while links to social media and the company address are found at the bottom. Architectural websites in the SMB domain can learn a lot from Andersson Wise’s platform. 

6. Gitman

Image Source: Gitman

Clothing and apparel stores have a lot to cover on their website. Gitman does it beautifully without compromising with any of the critical web design elements. Unlike other stores, Gitman showcases all the deals and discounts on the front and follows it up with exclusive offers on particular clothes. 

Their “Made to Order” section is the highlight as it runs the user through a “how it works” section, and an appropriate CTA follows. A quick highlight video of the same also runs side-by-side for your better understanding.

7. Objective

Image Source: Objective

Objective Studio’s website is the perfect mix of two separate ideas – interior design and e-commerce. They follow the suite of “less is more” and maintain a website that inspires others to follow the minimalist design approach. 

Their offerings are vertically aligned, and the home page is all about their products, services, and projects. The inclusion of high-quality imagery has a significant impact on the user, and a soothing color palette makes you explore more about Objective

8. Ducknology


Image Source: Ducknology

Websites dealing in jewelry and precious stones don’t ponder too much over the web engagement and creative look of their platform. Ducknology breaks these barriers by incorporating a causal tone, deformed typeface, and hints of humor.

The website is full of character and consists of parallax scrolling effects. Each product has an associated tag that describes its status (like limited, most bought, on sale, etc.) To keep the conversation light, the website humorously calls Instagram as Instaquack. If you also want to encapsulate humor in your website, you can take pointers from Ducknology’s website.

9. Rise My Sticct

Image Source: Rise My Sticct

Rise My Sticct is a simplistic website of their cafe, Rise. This website has the purpose of informing the users about the various deals available at Rise, details of their menu, and their location. 

The company has revamped its website post the outbreak of COVID-19, and now they accept online orders too. They highlight the “Order Online” button to ensure that visitors don’t have a hard time placing their orders over the internet. You’ll discover the rate chart and location on the map as you move down the homepage. 

10. Alston & Bird

Image Source: Alston & Bird

Legal firms and businesses that provide services in the law and maintenance domain can’t afford to go wrong with their website. Alston & Bird offer lawyers to the clients under various categories like finance, food, real estate, and more. All of these are listed on their homepage, and just beneath it is a live counter keeping track of the company’s progress and ranking. 

They also use user-generated content as a service testimonial to entrust the visitors. You’ll find a separate “Careers” page where you can apply for a position in their team. A “subscribe” button is also placed at the bottom for people interested in receiving Alston & Bird’s email newsletter.  

To Conclude

This concludes our list of some of the most inspiring small business websites. You can take inspiration from these websites, add your flavor, utilize web design innovation, and you’ll have a wonderful website for your business too. 

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