10 Tips for Personalizing Your Emails

10 Tips for Personalizing Your Emails

February 24, 2020

Email marketing is undeniably one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. The credit goes straight to the increment in netizens’s population across the world. 

According to Statista, the number of global email users was approximately 3.8 billion in 2018 which is expected to grow up to 4.8 billion by 2023. 

Every company having digital platforms are using Email Marketing to promote their products/services and increase their sales. However, sending some random emails about your offerings will not prove to be fruitful in this highly competitive era. 

You need to be highly concerned about the interest of your prospect or target audience to make an impactful start of your sales pipeline

According to Instapage, you can generate an ROI of 122% by personalized email marketing. In simple words, personalizing your emails is one of the best options you can choose to enhance your sales factor. Hence, we are here offering you some tips to personalize your emails and build a stronger connection between your prospect and the enterprise.

1. Gather Relevant Information

You must gather every detail or information about your prospect to show them things that they actually want or need.  One of the best ways to gather relevant information is to ask them directly at the time of signup. 

You can also use online tools like SimilarWeb Chrome Extension, BuzzStream, and Hunter to find your prospects, confirming their identity, and building up an email list to approach efficiently.

For example, Remoteok gathers all the important information required to suggest relevant jobs, this is how its email campaigning work for prospects.

2. Segment Your Email Lists

After gathering all the desired data, you can segment them in different categories. You can segment your contacts on the basis of customer type, demographics, and location by which your prospects will get appropriate suggestions to make a better choice. 

For example, Adidas segment their users according to their gender to showcase appropriate products via email campaigning.

3. Insert More Than Just Their Names

Inserting your prospect’s name is a fine move to personalize your email. However, you can also consider additional details you know such as the business name or their action list to make it more relevant. This additional information in your email will build a personal connection between your enterprise and your prospect.

For example, EasyJet uses a unique technique by telling a personalized story of their relationship with all of its users.

4. Match Personalized Emails and Landing Page

Pairing up your personalized emails with the landing page of your portal can push your success to new heights. Having a similar look and call to action will create a brand identity and enhance the trust factor of your prospects. 

For example, Netflix uses a similar to landing page design with call to action buttons for its email campaigning.

5. Use Engaging Content

You must use highly engaging content in the main body of your email. Your content must attract your prospects with a sense of connection between your service and their requirements. 

For example, Spotify uses language like the recipients are getting rewarded for their usage. Their call to action availability also keeps their users engaged specifically at Spotify.

6. Make Use of Location and Time

There are times in a day when people are highly active in checking out their emails. Just track these timings with the help of google according to the location so that you can attain maximum engagement. 

For example, The Bowery Presents, use your location to showcase relevant shows in the area. Once you change the location somewhere nearby its sight, you will automatically receive the shows happening in your current area.

7. Consider “What’s Next” Depending Upon “What Was”

Your personalization techniques must be based on the purchasing/booking history of your prospect. However, your approach must be more future-facing keeping your customer’s previous actions in mind to surprise your prospect at every moment. 

For example, OpenTable remembers your favorite restaurant and offers a facility to review your every visit to suggest future preferences.

8. Personalize Your Business With an Employee Signature

You can personalize your email by adding an identity of your in-house team member. Mentioning the name and designation of your employee at the end to offer your email will decorate it with a more human touch. 

You can use HubSpot Sales for sending personalized follow-ups.

For example, you can check out email campaigning techniques used by Hubspot.

9. Set Up Automated Behavioral Trigger Emails

Behaviorally triggered emails are the actual reactions on how your customers are using your product. These automated behavioral trigger emails work like a reminder of their incomplete actions and motivate your prospects to complete it as soon as possible. 

You can use Mail Merge for Gmail to develop and transfer personalized messages in bulk.

For example, The Black Milk Clothing, send an email notification whenever you leave an abandoned shopping cart with items in it. Moreover, it also uses a cute puppy to add extra persuasion.

10. Surprise Your Customers With a Birthday Present

You can personalize your email by wishing someone ‘Happy Birthday’. There could be nothing more personal than wishing someone on their special day and present them special offers as a birthday gift. 

You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail to collect all the personalized information about your prospects.

The Banana Republic is available as a perfect example of this practice.

Final Words

Personalizing your email  makes the bond between your customer and enterprise stronger.

Customers are expecting a bit more in terms of connection and relationship with the online retailers so that they can get better recommendations of content, actions, and products. 

Here we have shown the tips along with the best way to personalize your emails and get better engagement. However, you are free to ask your queries and leave your suggestions related to the email personalization in the comment section shown below

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