10 Tips For Writing A Share-Worthy Press Release

10 Tips For Writing A Share-Worthy Press Release

Jessica Fender
March 10, 2021

How many press releases do people write every day worldwide? Thousands. How many of these press releases get approved and published by reputable journalists and go viral online? Just a few dozens.

If you want your press release to reach a wide audience, you should write it in a way it will stand out from the crowd. You should find the right words to impress journalists and engage readers. 

Here are ten tips that will help you to create a share-worthy press release.

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Know your target audience

Your write press releases not just for the sake of it but because you have a specific purpose – you aim to engage your target audience. 

Therefore, before you jump into writing, you should determine your target audience, its interest, and content preferences. You should define demographics (age, marital status, gender, etc.) and psychographics (beliefs, attitudes, lifestyles, etc.) of your readers to understand what writing style will appeal to them.

Let’s say you have designed an app for a robot vacuum. Where will you publish your release? Who will be your readers? If you want to grab the attention of the progressive Millennials, you can write your press release using technical terminology and publish it in a high-tech and innovation journal.

However, if you want to attract readers of the 45-and-over age group (mostly housewives), you should choose another writing strategy. You should describe your app in simple words and publish your press release in women’s magazines.

Come up with a catchy title

A well-written press release is worth nothing if it has a boring title. Keep that in mind, when implementing your PR strategy.

Here is an example of an ineffective title:

“ABC Company Has Launched the New Robot Vacuum X Pro.” 

Such a title will not help you to grab your target audience’s attention. It sounds boring. 

If you want people to read your press release, you should intrigue them and trigger their curiosity. Here is an example of a good title:

“Robot cleaners are ready to replace humans: Robot Vacuum X Pro Sucks up the tiniest dirt and dust, leaving the floor perfectly clean.”

Is it challenging for you to come up with catchy headlines? Invite your team to brainstorm title ideas, use a writing service, or get assistance from professional journalists. 

Keep it short

Your readers are busy people. They value their time, so they will not read too long texts. If you want to make your press release share-worthy, keep it short.   

Answer the basic W’s: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Don’t go into detail or add any extra fluff. The shorter and more information-dense your press release will be, the more readers you will engage.

Write a killer top line

The first line of your press release should be as catchy as a title is. Try to express the key message of your press release in 15-20 words inviting journalists to keep reading. Make them believe that your written story is a share-worthy piece of content. Don’t let them close your email before they read your press release till the end.

Focus on facts

Your main task is to provide the most important facts and try to present your brand in the most favorable light. Journalists and bloggers will do the rest. They will use provided information for an upcoming story and create online buzz.

Use figures and statistics

By using statistics, you will add credibility to your writing. Your statements will sound more convincing and more believable. 

Just keep in mind that you can use only relevant, recent statistics gained from reliable sources. Be aware that the use of outdated statistics and data sourced from untrustworthy websites will do you more harm than good.

Add a relevant quote

If you want to make your press release stand out from the pack, consider adding an attention-grabbing quote. The quote itself must be relevant to the message you want to deliver and be easy to understand. You should format the quote properly: put it in italic and use quotation marks. 

Can’t pick up with a suitable quote? Don’t add any random quote just for the sake of it. Don’t make such a mistake. Find another way to win the readers’ attention.

Edit your press releases like a pro

Editors of reputable magazines and news websites will never agree to publish poor-quality content. So if you don’t want your press release to be rejected, make sure that your writing meets the editors’ requirements. Use plain English language, follow AP style, set a proper tone of voice, correct grammar mistakes and typos.

If you don’t have high editing skills, don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. Visit freelance platforms like Fiverr and find professional editors who can polish your press releases.

Improve readability

If you want to turn boring press releases into content worth sharing, you should focus on improving readability. You should ensure that your press release doesn’t look like a wall of text.

Use the active voice. Write short sentences. Create short paragraphs. Do it to make your press release quick to read and easy to scan. It will help you to engage readers and boost your marketing efforts. 

Be open to collaboration

Even though you are the only person in your team responsible for developing a press release, you can still ask your team members to help you. Working together, you can craft a better marketing piece and achieve better results. 

The collaboration will help you take a look at your press release from a different angle. You will be able to add clarity to your writing and significantly improve the text’s quality.

In conclusion 

The art of writing effective press releases is hard to master. However, if you use these ten tips, you will progress quickly. You will find your own way to improve communication with journalists and boost your PR efforts. 

Keep practicing in writing, and you will achieve outstanding marketing success!

Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at GetGoodGrade with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.


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