2018 Trends: Here is Why Video Marketing is the Future!

2018 Trends: Here is Why Video Marketing is the Future!

January 5, 2018

If you’ve been told that video marketing is the future, you’ve been told right. The marketing domain has been experiencing the power of video marketing for business for a while now but video content is only going to get more popular in 2018.  Statistics reveal that more than 80% customers buy a product after watching a video put out by the brand or users. Video content is preferred over written content simply because the human brain processes visuals faster than text.

Video marketing has a greater capacity to attract huge traffic and grab users’ attention. In fact, video marketing is the most preferred and suitable form of marketing for small local businesses or brands which are yet to establish themselves and reach new heights. In today’s marketing domain, a video is the center focus for the customers as well as businesses.

Here’s why you need to start video marketing:

Impacts conversions and sales

Video marketing makes a huge impact on conversions and sales. Videos being more explanatory and an excellent engager, marketers are leveraging them to attract more sales and even increase brand awareness. Because of the nature of video content, users feel more connected and involved with a brand’s communication. One can see how videos affect the conversions and sales by differentiating between websites and social media pages that post more video content as compared to websites that don’t.

Boosts buying behavior

Video content gives brands and users to demonstrate the usage of products and services. No doubt, videos are frequently used for explaining how to use a product or for reviewing a certain product or service for other users to see. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Nykaa are leveraging video and using it to market their product. When you see somebody use or review a product through a video, it makes you feel more involved and connected to the brand. This influences your buying behavior and boosts sales for brands and businesses. For example, a short video released by a makeup brand like Nykaa explaining how to use particular product makes its viewers feel like they know how to use the product and exactly how it will work for them. Sharing video content is a great way to build rapport and trust with your target audience.

Perfect social media post

The most common format of content on social media today is video content. Video content communicates a large deal of information in a short time and is easily understood by people. Undoubtedly, if you want to spruce up your social media profile and reach a larger target audience, you need to share more video content. Not only are they more engaging but also have a longer lasting impact as compared to written content. Videos are a great way of explaining concepts, demonstrating how to use products, doing product reviews or conveying user experience. As a result, brands and businesses end up generating a lot of video content for their audience. And it works!

Visitors spend more time

Since videos are more engaging and easily understood, visitors are likely to spend more time on your social media pages or website if it contains video content. Users find it easy to view videos to consume content as compared to reading blogs or articles. Adding videos to your social media profiles will attract new visitors to your social media pages while increasing your reach. Publishing videos will also make your brand easily recallable and recognizable.

Videos are attractive

If you were given two pieces of content, a blog and a video, which one are you more likely to consume? Our guess is the video! Visuals have always been more attractive than written content. A website or social media page that contains more visuals than text is likely to get more attention than one with only text. While big brands and businesses have already shifted to video content, smaller businesses are slowly adapting to video trends for marketing and online promotion. The attention span and preference of users is compelling brands and businesses to switch to video marketing for their business. Millions of videos are added to the internet on a daily basis, and we’re going to witness a surge in video content in 2018.

Bounce rate

Businesses have taken to videos as a solution for a high bounce rate. Earlier, users would visit websites and exit rapidly thanks to non-engaging content on websites or landing pages. However, with the rise in video content as the most engaging form of content out there, brand and businesses have started using video on their website’s homepage or landing pages. How does this make a difference? Visitors who visit these landing pages are now forced to spend more time on these pages because they want to watch the video. It’s a successful way to decrease the bounce rate on your website while grabbing the attention of the visitor. This reflects the effectiveness of video marketing. Websites with videos rank fairly well on search engines and this, in turn, helps in increasing website traffic.

Best ROI

When we talk about marketing, video marketing gets the maximum return on investment. Visuals are always attractive and help keep a customer engaged. Statistics reveal that the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has a video and modern video editing software means that creating your own videos is quick and straight forward. If you're not confident using the software there are lots of online and classroom courses available. It is expected to receive better responses from customers on videos as compared to a written content.

Marketers who want to excel in the marketing domain are utilizing videos for maximum impact and output. In turn, they are generating more leads and sales.

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