3 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Try

3 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Try

Brianna Pyne
June 23, 2020

Digital marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways you can generate sales for your business. More than saving costs, digital marketing makes for strategies whose results are easier to track and measure. Thus, it goes without saying that incorporating digital marketing to your firm’s processes is no longer just beneficial but necessary to become a profitable business.

Since almost all B2B marketing agencies have realized such importance at this point in time, it becomes all the more crucial to follow digital marketing strategies that are creative. More importantly, these effective digital marketing strategies should also fit your budget.

Creating Videos for Social Media Accounts

People today are more attracted to content that is easier to digest. Why should you read a long article when you can just watch a fun video, right? This is exactly why you need to widen your scope and take into consideration customers who think this way. With the increasing popularity of YouTube, you can expect that more people spend time there and, more importantly, trust that this platform will have the answers when they search for queries. Thus, creating videos to upload on YouTube will definitely contribute to more customers finding your business.

This inbound marketing tip can also apply to other social media networks like Instagram which now has an IGTV feature. Definitely, by providing your content where your customers are and in the format that they want to engage with it, you can be assured that you can generate more sales.

Connecting with Industry Experts


You can see this strategy used by firms that create blog posts with *exclusive tips* from other industry experts. The same game plan is used by those who create podcasts and invite over influential and knowledgeable guests they can interview. Certainly, in whatever way you actualize this strategy, you gain more credibility by choosing to feature someone who can offer your customers value for free.

On top of that, when you connect with industry experts you also connect yourself with their audience who may or may not be in your following yet. Thus, when you put the content up online, you can expect that the expert you asked a direct quote from or interviewed in a video will share your post to their account and ask their followers to engage with the content. The same marketing advantage also applies to your guest, making this a win-win setup for both of you.

Learning from Competitors

Of course, you’ve heard this tip a hundred times. But, hear me out. Today, it is much easier to learn about the kind of customers your competitors have. Go over to their Instagram account, click on a post, and read the comments on them. Observe what the customers are saying. For example, take a look at what questions they are asking that don’t get answered or what options they are looking for when purchasing a product or service you are also offering.

Once you have this data, you can improve your SEO strategies and target keywords you have not explored before. More importantly, you can gain a bigger share of the target market pie without having to aggressively pry customers’ attention away from your competitors.

All in all, the best digital marketing strategies are the ones that know who the customers are and what they need. For example, when you create videos, you acknowledge that modern consumers want information in a format that is easy to absorb. When you pair up with industry experts, you recognize that credibility is important in convincing customers who are still going through their purchasing decision process. When you learn from competitors, you know more about the market you are serving. Definitely, it all goes back to the customers and offering them value even before they make the purchase.

Brianna Pyne is a Digital Marketing Specialist working at JumpFactor, a Growth500 listed B2B marketing, and lead generation agency. Jumpfactor helps you drive increased sales and grow 5X faster through more leads at higher ROI.

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