4 Effective Content Marketing Tools you Must use

4 Effective Content Marketing Tools you Must use

December 20, 2018

“Content marketing” has definitely become a buzzword in today’s digital era, when people are interacting more over the Internet than physically. Content marketing is one of the growing trends of digital marketing. With more and more brands and organizations publishing useful content on the Internet, content marketing can help you establish authority, credibility and your brand.

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And if you are a blogger or a marketer then you are probably aware of the benefits of content marketing for your business or brand. With the scenario of the market changing, the focus has shifted to customers. Thus, there is a need to create content specifically for your customers.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know the content marketing trends. Earlier, print media and advertisements were used to spread content. As time evolves, the content is spread via social media channels, online medium etc.

Although 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing, not all have a documented content marketing strategy.

Here is what an ideal content marketing strategy should include:

  • Set your mission and goals
  • Know your KPIs
  • Know your audience
  • Know the best marketing channels
  • Know the types of content
  • Create a content calendar
  • Create content
  • Market the content well
  • Measure the results of content marketing

Now that we’ve spoken about an ideal content marketing strategy for brands. You can start creating one for your brand. Once your strategy is in place and you’ve created good quality content, you need good content marketing tools.

Businesses that are creating content on daily basis know how important it is to create good content. Creating content is not enough if it is not easily discoverable in the online sphere.

Content marketing tools you should know:

Buzz sumo

One of the most powerful online tools used by some of the best content marketers. It identifies the most popular content among the users that have maximum shares and maximum likes.

So, for an organization that is new to content marketing, probably should take a good look at buzz sumo.

If you are aware of the trending topics specific to your industry, then you have a good chance of creating good quality content. And the possibility of your content being listed on the BuzzSumo increases. Content that gets listed on BuzzSumo becomes a reference for other content marketers and hence draws even more traffic to the website.


This is one of the more popular content marketing tools. It helps identify what content is popular with the audience.

It helps users discover content relevant to their respective audience. It offers features that help plan, produce and measure the impact of content marketing. It also gives insight on the leads and revenue generated. 


This tool helps you create and manage ideas for the content. You can save every bit of information that you find while researching on Evernote and can access it anytime from your desktop or smartphone.

A blogger knows how important it is to take down notes while researching for content. And how hassling it can be taking down notes from various sources.

Evernote is more of a content organizational tool. This makes it easy for content writers to have all content under one roof. This platform also lets you share the ideas that you have sorted for the topic. One can share this with the entire team.

Social animal

Social animal is one content marketing tool that solves many purposes. It finds trending content, influencers related to your industry and also generates ideas for content.

It also gives you a detailed insight into the top performing content for any given keyword. It also gives you a historical performance of the data.

It also gives insight about which all were the top performing channels for your content. Apart from this, it also gives historical data about the selected keyword thus giving you unlimited ideas on a particular topic. You can also compare two articles and match all the keywords used.
As we wrap up the blog, we hope you’re a little more familiar with some of these content marketing tools that a business can benefit from.

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