4 Of The Top Digital Marketing Tips For 2022

4 Of The Top Digital Marketing Tips For 2022

Susan Melony
January 28, 2022

When you talk to someone about digital marketing, they might have a vague notion about what you mean. Some individuals make digital marketing their career, though. These individuals are frequently in high demand since businesses need this type of marketing to push their services and products.

The digital marketing landscape often changes, and what works one day might be obsolete the next.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some digital marketing strategies that should help you in 2022. We’ll cover four basic ones that can help your company a great deal.

Improve the User Experience

Improving the user experience is not something that needs to be all that complicated. It’s not as complex as integrating data security into the IT onboarding journey or anything along those lines.

Improving the user experience means looking at your company’s website or app and overhauling it wherever you see room for improvement. However, you can’t simply guess what you need to improve. You need customer feedback.

There are different ways to get it. You might conduct a focus group. You can look for individuals who buy from you or use your website or app. You might approach them and ask them to be in the focus group, and you can offer to either pay them or give them some free merch.

You might use former customers who gave you their email addresses when they bought from you in the past. Doing this serves multiple purposes.

For one thing, you can learn what individuals and which demographics like your services and products. For another, you can get concrete answers regarding what a customer likes and dislikes about your website or app.

Once you collect that data and get a consensus, you can improve your user’s experience with your site or app. That might involve streamlining certain features, getting rid of other ones, making it easier for your would-be customer to follow you on social media, etc.

Update Your Website

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a huge part of digital marketing. Still, many CEOs or CFOs don’t know the first thing about it.

If possible, you can arrange a demonstration that shows them how SEO works. You can demonstrate how to optimize your company’s website with the right keywords and keyword phrases. By doing so, you make it much more likely that the potential customers you want will find your company’s site when they search using Google.

This type of searching, when an individual wants to find or buy something, is what you have to identify and exploit. If someone types something into Google like “gyms near me,” you need to rank at the top of the SERPs if you’re running a chain of local gyms.

Updating your website for SEO is something that you need to do fairly often. You might hire a freelancer to do it, or you may choose to have a copywriter on staff who also has some SEO skills. You may even need a bunch of copywriters if you’re running a larger company with a more extensive website.

You might add a blog to your website, add some additional products, or remove others. Maybe you change some graphics or add a way for your customers to follow you on social media platforms. The more optimized and attractive your website, the better your company should do against your competitors.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Maybe you don’t have an app for your company. There is nothing wrong with that. Some companies don’t feel it is worth it to spend the money on an app, and you might be able to get away with that and remain profitable.

That makes your company’s website even more important. You will need to make sure it’s optimized, but you’ll also need to ensure that it is mobile-friendly.

A few years ago, we passed the point where more individuals visited websites from laptops, desktops, and tablets. They started using their smartphones to visit business sites more.

When that happened, it was like reaching a tipping point. Companies that made their mobile site more user-friendly profited. Ones that had clunky or inefficient mobile sites did not do so well.

Think about how fast you’ll go to a different site if the one you’re trying to use won’t load quickly and easily on your cell phone. That is precisely why you need to make sure your company’s site is mobile-friendly. If you can’t get your mobile site to operate properly, you’re likely to lose a ton of business.

Spend Some Time Working on Your FAQ Section

There are particular parts of your website that you need to get right. If you don’t, that’s going to frustrate the average site user, and they will quickly go elsewhere.

Often, a site either makes or loses money through the FAQ section. You can come up with some common questions that you think your site user might ask, but if you’re only guessing, that’s not likely to help you very much.

Focus groups are one way you can find out what your site visitors want to know, but you can also pay attention to what questions they ask your customer support staff. You should install a chatbot and watch how your customers interact with it. Are they asking any questions you don’t cover in your FAQ section?

If you don’t address any repeated questions in your site’s FAQ section, amend the section so that it includes them without delay. If you can cover all of those questions, that can be the difference between a conversion and a frustrated would-be customer going to a competing site.

You might also look into paid ads if you’re not using them yet. They’re a huge part of digital marketing in 2022. You can investigate any new marketing tools and possibly invest in some of them. You’ll need to have a presence on any relevant social media platforms and think about launching an email marketing campaign as well.

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