5 Benefits of Design Sprint

5 Benefits of Design Sprint

September 24, 2020

Design sprint is a modern solution to answering critical business questions. Ideally a 5-day process, you can fast-forward the standard problem-solving and evaluation cycle by following the design sprint steps. Moreover, you get a “Yes” or “No” for your product when the sprint finally concludes. 

Benefits of Design Sprint  

Let’s discuss the various benefits of the design sprint framework: 

1. Reduces Business Risks 

Consider running a design sprint as a preventive measure. It'll ensure that the time (and of course, money) you're about to invest in a product inclines with the customer's choice. 

You get a hands-on review from users which not only validates your idea but gives you pointers for improvement. This reduces future maintenance costs, and the duration of the development cycle also decreases.  

2. Fosters Innovation 

Many opinions are left unheard because of the traditional corporate hierarchy. However, the design sprint framework overcomes this problem by involving all the members of the development team. Each member can propose a solution or disagree with an idea without worrying about seniority.

Innovation is a by-product of freedom, and you can’t expect individuals to come up with innovative ideas without the appropriate environment. Through user interaction, they activate their real-time problem-solving abilities and come up with creative solutions

3. Gives an Idea about your Real Target Audience

When you formulate a buyer persona, you define the section of the audience that you’ll primarily target. But, after user evaluation, you get an idea about the target audience that’ll actually convert into customers. 

You can further modify the prototype and get validation for another test model during the same design sprint. This will make things easier when business-oriented development begins. 

4. Enhances Team Coordination and Mutual Faith 

When an idea written on a piece of paper transforms into a game-changing business prospect, the whole team cherishes the moment. Every member recollects their contribution during the sprint, and this increases mutual trust between them. 

Whenever a similar opportunity arrives in the same domain, the same team can be put to work again. This propels their team coordination event further, and the organization can expect another innovation solution from the group. 

5. You get Firm Action Items

After the conclusion of the design sprint, you’ve a sheer clarity of thought and complete conviction about the next step. It can be positive or negative, but you won’t be stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

Positive action items lead to the commencement of the development phase, where the approved prototype is made market-ready. Negative response saves you from investing your time and energy into the model, and you start from scratch again with a new design. 

To Conclude 

A successful design sprint has several advantages. 

You prevent your business from numerous financial and developmental risks and achieve creative solutions to complex problems. You also create a working ecosystem that fosters creativity and innovation. 

The team coordination skyrockets, and you also obtain the roadmap that’ll convert your idea into a product that can survive the existing competition. At the end of the sprint, you get precise projections for your model. 

How did your design sprint go? Let us know in the comments. You can also mention the other benefits of design sprint by writing a guest post for us by clicking here.

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