5 Benefits of Having a Ceramic Artists Website!

5 Benefits of Having a Ceramic Artists Website!

February 19, 2020

As a potter or ceramic artist, a good portfolio and digital display of your work becomes paramount to enable you to reach out and showcase your work to an audience at large. As is true for all artists, potters too must have a platform to allow viewers to enjoy their art, browse their story and learn from their experiences. 

In today’s day and age of social media, an overload of information, visuals and rich media, a website with a structured display of your journey as a ceramic artist has a lot of benefits. 

High quality ceramic artists websites add value to your body of work, demonstrating the techniques, skills and methods you use to develop and execute your craft. The problem mostly lies with the ability to build a website in the first place, and thereafter keep it current and updated. 

Here are 5 main benefits of a pottery website for your profile as a ceramic artist:


For any artist, potter or painter, showing your work is key. It is how you express, showcase your authenticities and what makes your art unique. Displaying your work online is helpful for viewers, students and buyers to get a good look at your work and your ceramic style. Setting up a ceramic website will help you showcase your work to the best of your capabilities and in a manner that is organized, and easy to update.


A well laid out website allows you to come across as professional and organized. The fact that you went through the effort of setting up your website and making it informative gives the idea that you take your art seriously and want to share it with your audience in a structured fashion.

Your journey

Sharing your story and history with your audience can help you with quality associations you seek to build. Having an information and story section on your website can help you upload and organize content that you would like to share with your viewers and visitors.

Pottery Blog

Ceramics is all about experimenting with new techniques and finding what works for you. A big responsibility as a ceramic artist is to share your skills and techniques with other people. A lot of ceramic artists manage to do this through their blogs. Remember all those ceramic blogs you read to add to your bank of knowledge? Now that you’re an experienced potter with your own set of techniques, it may be time for you to give back to the pottery community through your own pottery blog.

Through your blog, you can also link to your various social media accounts while also attaching rich media, images and videos. It’s also a great opportunity to drive organic traffic to your website. You can use popularly searched keywords on your blog to attract more visitors.

Pottery Ecommerce

As a ceramic artist, you may have a peripheral goal besides creating pieces. Your goal may be to get sign ups for workshops, sell your art or run a full blown e-commerce store. Through your information oriented website, you can also set up your e-commerce shop or simply link to your Etsy shop. Either way, your website becomes the one place where any user or visitor can get all the information about you that they want or are looking for.

If you’re ready to put together your pottery website or are looking to revamp your old one, it helps to understand the structure of a typical website, as well as to see examples of pottery websites and dashboards that build them.

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