5 Best Social Media Management Apps for iPhone

5 Best Social Media Management Apps for iPhone

Sofiia Diachenko
April 9, 2024

Meta – Social media marketing requires plenty of time and effort because of the number of platforms available and the types of posts you can create. To make the management easy, try these apps on your iPhone.

The amount of time people spend on their smartphones is mind-boggling. And from that, social media usage tops the graph. The platform might change as someone likes short-form videos more than posting photos. Some prefer microblogging to making new connections. But the baseline is that everyone is busy on social media and this means it is a ripe field for content marketers. The challenge though is in the fact that there are numerous platforms you can use to reach your audience and selecting one of them is a tough job. Other things that make social media management difficult are preparing content regularly, scheduling it, interacting with the audience, and working on analytics. To make all these tasks easier, smart marketers use the best social media management apps on their iPhones.


Increasing brand awareness and at the same getting traffic to your social media channels is an uphill task. To make this job easier, SocialPilot offers you a user-friendly option. It has outstanding core features including scheduling posts in bulk (up to 500), managing comments, and generating data for analytics. The AI-based tool can also help you in content discovery, giving you trending and popular topic ideas for your posts.

Social media management means endless content in the form of photos, videos, raw files, and data sheets. Sometimes, editing and readying the right photo or video ends up creating tens and hundreds of raw files, and that fills up the phone memory fast. To make matters more challenging, you can’t even delete these files instantly as you might need them again. But every problem has a solution and so does this. If you find yourself running out of iPhone memory at some crunch moment, refer to the Backlight Blog for valuable tips. The ideas from experts will help you optimize your iPhone and work stress-free on your social media goals.

Sprout Social

From social media listening to publishing and finding the right influencers to data analytics, there is hardly a job that this powerful all-in-one platform cannot manage for you. You can integrate Sprout Social with review platforms and create shoppable posts for your audience. If you want to use a tool that can reduce the need for using some other tools for social media tasks, this is the one to go for


For a winning digital marketing strategy, you need to ace your social media plans and for that, no tool is more popular than Hootsuite. Although it offers similar features to some other good tools, it stands out because of the time for which it has been around and a couple of tie-ups like with Canva. Hootsuite has an AI assistant to help you create social media captions and built-in Canva integration for creating engaging visuals.


Buffer promotes itself as a tool that is affordable and highly intuitive. With its user-friendly interface, Buffer helps you schedule and publish content to grow your audience organically. It also offers analytics to track the performance of your campaigns and can help you reduce your social media management efforts by as much as 50%.


If you run a small to medium-sized business and manage a small team for social media, Crowdfire is the tool for you. The app helps you with content discovery and scheduling. With this content-centric social media management tool, you can manage all your accounts in one place. This means savings in terms of time and money – something which is highly important when your brand is new or in a growing stage.


The tasks that you have to do on social media to make your marketing strategy successful are many but as you can see here, the tools to assist you are also many. You really don’t need to feel overwhelmed or choke because of the pressure social media management often creates. Simply understand your requirements, the platforms you want to work on, and your audience. Based on that, choose the app that you think will meet your goals in the best way. Very soon, you will be more organized and productive and your social media marketing ROI will put you on the winning track.

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