5 Best Website Designs of 2021

5 Best Website Designs of 2021

October 28, 2021

With 2021 coming close to the end, it’s clear that Covid 19 pandemic has changed how people interact online. It has redefined how the online world looks, feels, and acts. And clearly, the design artists haven’t been immune to the change either. Today, the difference between the physical and digital worlds has been blurred.

This led the digital creators to take up the challenge to adapt and evolve with the change, come up with new, innovative, and exciting interpretations of the website designs. As you read further, you will come across the 5 best website designs of 2021 that tell their tale of evolution and the shift in the web design market.

So, let’s dive in.

Best Website Designs of 2021

1. Public Domain by Virgil Abloh

Public Domain by Virgil Abloh is basically a replica of his computer screen, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look through the Off-White x Nike design archives. This is a collaboration from back in 2017. Considered as one of the best website designs, the webpage allows the audience to go through various multimedia files including samples of some of Abloh’s most sought-after collabs with Nike, behind-the-scenes imagery, and more.

As part of Abloh’s interactive website and an effort to support the next generation of designers, he included a section of the website called “Free Game”. It includes 13 steps to use when making a brand. These resources are all part of Abloh’s “community service” and “post-modern” mentoring initiative program. In addition to these, Abloh also included an interview with his personal mentor who taught him about building a brand.

From Abloh’s screen to yours, this interactive platform gives visitors a unique and interesting perspective into the mind of one of the most innovative designers. This also gives a glimpse of what’s to be expected in the future.

2. Mars House by Krista Kim

Krista Kim’s Mars House is the world’s first digital house. The Mars House can also be experienced through an AR environment in apps, such as SuperWorld in the future. The Mars House is designed as a light sculpture. It is inspired by Kyoto’s architecture built for the zen community.

The huge sales of the project indicate both a growing interest in crypto art as well as a shift towards collecting assets that are entirely virtual. Kim's Mars House was sold on the NFT marketplace SuperRare for 288 Ether ($512,000).


3. Plastic Air by Pentagram and Google Arts & Culture

Plastic Air is an interactive website designed by the Pentagram designers Talia Cotton, Phil Cox and Giorgia Lupi. It came out to be considered as one of the best website design ideas so far. Ever hear of airborne microplastics? Probably not! These designers came up with a website that visualizes airborne microplastics which is a type of pollution.

The website is a lens through which you can explore the invisible plastic particles that are building in the atmosphere around us. This is an initiative to consider and understand the impact they are having on the environment and our health.

They have used an energetic color palette, various little shapes that float around the screen. It almost gives the feel of festive confetti. But once you hover over them, their true form is revealed. Each particle is a piece of plastic waste that has degraded into microplastics, now present in the air we breathe. The site lets visitors discover all the specifics and details of the plastic particles.

4. OFFF Barcelona by Editor X

Another site on the list and at the moment is the OFFF Barcelona - Design festival. This ever-popular design festival was forced to go virtual because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It promises to delight the participants with a range of innovative and international speakers, workshops, activities, and performances. 

Editor X designer Liat Elkaim Chetrit's design for the site uses bold typography and scattered playful motion effects and other eye-catching interactions. It turned out to be one of the most interactive and good website design examples. According to Editor X, the website is to be seen by millions of people around the globe. So, she thrived to create a design that goes beyond just a simple display of content. The website is a reflection of the whole event. The designers have tried to give it the same fun festive vibe and feel. 

The website is stacked with numerous visual surprises, appearing once upon the other as you scroll down. The whole design is an attempt to keep the visitors engaged, entertained and to get them to buy their spot at the event.


5. Redefine The Limits by MediaMonks for Canon

Canon’s Redefine the Limits gives an insight into the five expeditions led by different creatives around the world. The website invites the visitors to do things like following a day in the life of a wildlife photographer in Yellowstone National Park. You can even get a spaced-out view of an astronaut maneuvering microsatellite photography.

The website gives you an experience that introduces you to the various photographers’ work processes and Canon gear. Enjoy the beautiful still photography and videos of skateboarding, wolves, and even silkworms weaving their cocoons as you are on the site. The website also highlights the brand philosophy of Kyosei (collaboration) in hopes of a better tomorrow.




All these website designs listed above clearly have raised the bar for website designs in the market. It gives you a vision of what is expected from the web designers in the upcoming year. Be it the playful typography, the creative motions, or the experiments with AR and VR, the competition is certainly tough!


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