6 Creative Ways to Reach your Prospects

6 Creative Ways to Reach your Prospects

February 17, 2020


It is often said, if you want different results, you have to do things differently. The same ways lead to similar results. The success of any sales efforts will depend on the sales prospecting techniques and processes you resort to.

2020 heralds a new decade- that will be replete with technological breakthroughs and growing internet audience. Apart from every other change, the most striking one to have an impact on businesses is the way people prefer to approach products and services. There is an apparent shift in customer perspectives and as a business, you have to respect the transition. If you continue to reach your potential customers via traditional channels, there are strong chances that you will not be able to reach most of them.

These changing times thus present a roaring need to switch to better and unconventional sales prospecting techniques.

Form Strategic Alliances

There are many businesses in the market who might be dealing with different products, yet will be sharing your audience. If you are able to strike an alliance with these, you might be able to get some really valuable insights about your buyers. This will open you to a mine of information about the latest buying trends. If you are unable to boil down to some specific businesses to consider, a great idea is to study the other purchases made by your target audience and see who are the best companies that provide those. Reaching out to these may bag you some wonderful revelations about what your prospects think about and how they react to different products. A true perception can be built and factored in future marketing communications.

Customer Events

Anything that your customers do tells what kind of people they hang out with. There is always a possibility that those people can also be a prospective lead. And, if you get a chance to be a part of any event where you know all these like-minded people are going to be present, then you should be assured of great connections. Remember, if you keep in touch with your customers and take the pain to be a part of some major events of their lives, your collaboration will take a new high.

Join a Niche Group

Online is the new common address of people and online groups often have people having shared interests come forward and interact. Such discussions and interactions are usually purpose-laden and often lead to meaningful outcomes. It is nowadays suggested to be a part of the circle you want to sell your idea to. This will tell you how to pitch and what is the primary pain point that has to be addressed. Not only that you also make many more invaluable connections that can be worked out. But, do not start selling right away. Take time to study the culture and try to be a helpful and known member of the group. Another notable point is that you should always pitch your sales in a private chat. This keeps the essence of the conversation and you are able to cut out in a more distinct manner.

Develop Your Video Prospects

Emails and other text modes of communication have been in for a long time now. They did show magical results in the beginning and still continue to have a presence. However, due to the evolving technological landscape, there is a shift in the preferences of the customers. People do appreciate content but they do not do so alone. Videos have made a great comeback in every form as they give a voice and face to your business. Both these are highly effective in taking customer engagement forward. It has been suggested by various marketers that content accompanied by videos has much better click-through-rates than the text-alone content. Businesses often resort to videos sharing business introductions, business stories, product overviews, customer reviews, etc. Everything has now been lent a voice.

Free Consultations

This may sound cliché but holds great relevance especially when you have to target new leads. We all have been drawn towards those free trials and product demos before we actually went in to buy them. If you think as a business, it may be difficult for you to pitch in a new product offering to your target audience, if they are not aware of the same. However, a free trial, helps them to gauge what is the primary need that is addressed by the product and how far will it be useful to them. A hands-on product trial or a service consultation goes a long way in establishing a real connection with the customer.

Leveraging on your Loyal Customer Base

Always remember, your loyal customers are your best brand ambassadors. And, the best bet is that they do it voluntarily and if they are really happy they will definitely bring in more leads. So, you should consider your loyal customers as a great resource and nurture them well. This is usually taken care of by keeping a sound after-sales plan, trying to maintain a relationship that is fostered over time. Offering, loyalty discounts, special incentives, first look at new trends, sending greetings, showcasing their profiles on your social media pages, etc. serve as tested sales prospecting strategies to keep them happy.

Businesses in the next decade will have to pump up their creativity quotient and come up with revolutionary ways to get to the hearts and minds of your prospects. Routine and mundane ways will only be able to get you the same outcomes. You will have to think out of the box and ensure that your message is more personal. The person sitting at the other end has no dearth of options, and there is a multitude of influencers out there on social media space trying to catch their attention. You have to jut in and cut yourself apart from the noise. Be the melody to the ears of your buyers and make yourself their obvious choice. One slip here will give enough space to your competitors to seep in and steal your lead. So you have to constantly think of creative ways to reach prospects to maintain your success story. Good Luck!

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