5 Examples of Amazing UX Design

5 Examples of Amazing UX Design

January 18, 2021

A commanding UI UX design speaks to the visitor, helps them navigate through the website, and ensures that they have an awesome on-page time. Pleasing your potential customers doesn't guarantee a conversion. However, a bad user experience (UX) surely makes them hate your website, which affects your web credibility.

A superior UX design differentiates your brand from the crowded marketplace. People write positive reviews about their experience, and the same also helps you prosper in this digital world. The question is, how to create a UI UX design that users fall in love with?

Here's a curated list of some top-notch UI UX designs that you can take inspiration from:

1. Disney+

Disney+ maintains an enormous pool of TV shows, web shows, telecasts, etc. The user journey can go haywire when you have so much to display in such little space.

But Disney+ offers a premium user experience to its customers without any fuss. The organization makes use of strategic categorization that helps them align the content homogeneously on any screen size.

Image Source: Disney+

Users can find their favorite shows based on their genre, cast, and other criteria. You can learn how to organize immense information on your platform without degrading its performance and maintaining the branding consistency throughout from Disney+.

2. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is a digital entity that assists in creating potent online portfolios. What differentiates it from the rest is the way they offer this service. They offer hassle-free drag and drop options for users to develop their portfolios and combine them with seamless editing tools.

You'll find several innovative animations that keep you entertained and generate curiosity about its interface. Its simplicity makes it easier for the users to describe their project and their website's responsiveness saves a lot of time too. Refer to these animations to get inspiration on how you can interact and onboard your users.

Image Source: Carbonmade

The UI UX design of Carbonmade builds the right atmosphere for creative professionals who appreciate innovation. The brand has set high standards for treating audiences in the correct way.

3. ClassPass

A website's first impressions can make or break a customer. ClassPass has understood this concept and devised a dynamic user experience feedback portal to ensure they hit the right chords.

Image Source: ClassPass

The platform has a wide array of fitness and recreational classrooms, and after each session, its interface pops a friendly feedback column. The users can grade their experience, answer questions related to content accuracy, the trainer's performance, and a lot more.

ClassPass doesn't miss out on any opportunity they get to improve themselves, and the users’ honest feedback plays a major role in it.

4. MailChimp

Frederick von Chimpenheimer, the mascot of MailChimp, is quite a character. It's incredible how smartly the company has humanized the user experience without even using a human.

Image Source: MailChimp

You'll get high fives, fist pumps, and more from the chimp, and before you realize, you have already formed a bond with it. Email marketing has never been more fun, and there's nothing better than having a few laughs while on your work.

MailChimp, through their exceptional user experience journey, presents their business as your team's member. The high five you get after the successful completion of a task is indeed worthy of all the praises it receives. So, who's going to be your brand's mascot?

5. Linkedin

Linkedin doesn't need any introduction. The platform has helped people find jobs, hire candidates, and build their brand in the digital space for several years now. Have you wondered why people readily share their information on Linkedin while they hesitate to do the same on other platforms?

It's their secured user interface and seamless user experience. The platform assists you right from the start by suggesting improvements to enhance your profile's appearance, credibility, visibility, etc.

Image Source: Linkedin

Linkedin ensures that it supports its new users by guiding them through each step. This gathers instant trust, and the same has made Linkedin what it's today. You continue to get profile suggestions for months and years because Linkedin doesn't want you to go.

To Conclude

This concludes the list of some amazing UX design examples. Many brands like to follow a simplistic approach, while some focus on giving their platform a modern look and feel.

One aspect that remains consistent throughout is the customer-first ideology and the hunger to optimize the user experience to its fullest. You can take inspiration from these examples and form a blueprint for your brand. Once done, consult with a UI UX design agency to achieve your website's desired user experience.

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